Geoff Tate Claims His Fans Wear A Lot Of Rings

Are you ready!?

In an interview with Smashing Interviews Magazine, my favorite person to write about sat down for a chat to discuss his shitty version of Queensrÿche, the ongoing legal battle over the name, and Taterÿche’s unpolished turd, Frequency Unknown.
Throughout the interview, Tate rambled on about this and that, stating that he’s had more sold out shows than Rÿche have had in the last ten years and that his backing band is fantastic.

If you watched the footage (provided below) from the Monsters of Rock Festival in Brazil, you’ll see the most pathetic version of “Eyes of a Stranger” ever caught on film and a less than enthused festival crowd, who seem to applaud and cheer out of habit.

This is a country who just saw Iron Maiden headline Rock in Rio the other month, so there’s obviously no comparison.

Perhaps the most outlandish thing Tate has said in an interview followed the question that asked about the FU rings on the hairy fist that makes up the album cover of Frequency Unknown. Tate said, “Apparently, it’s something that riles people (laughs). I never thought of it that way. I thought it looked kind of metal, the fist coming through the glass. My fans typically wear a lot of rings. It’s just an abbreviation of the album title.”
That’s right. Apparently fans of Geoff Tate and his music wear a lot of rings.

Cleopatra must have blown 90-percent of the budget for promoting Frequency Unknown just doing market research to target the ring wearing demographic. Either his fans range from Gucci Mane to anyone at a Brooklyn Italian festival, or this statement is fogging up your glasses from the steaming pile of bullshit that it is.
Is it January yet?

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