Geoff Tate: Still Talkin’ Shit

Former Queensrÿche frontman is trying to hard to convince us he’s happy

Do it!Do it!

Do it!

I keep wondering when Geoff Tate’s going to stop talking shit about Queensrÿche and stop bragging about his legal settlement.

Kind of reminds me of those dudes in high school who talked shit on dudes who were virgins and bragged constantly about crushing tang.

Deep down, you knew they were fucking bullshitters who’d seen vagina once — when they fell out of one. But they talked as if they were poon hounds.

Yeah, same thing with Geoff Tate. Stop trying to convince us you’re so happy with the outcome of the court battle you launched, and stop trying to make us believe you want nothing to do anymore with the Queensrÿche name.

In yet another new interview (Geoff’s publicist fucking works him, man), Tate claims firing him was akin to career suicide for Queensrÿche…even though the Todd La Torre record is outstanding and is the best shit the band’s done in years.

“Why would you fire the main writer? Why would you do that — and the person who is the face of the band and is the identifying key figure in the success of the group? I don’t mean that to sound egotistical because it’s not. It’s just the truth. Why on earth would you do that? It sounds like career suicide, especially at our ages. We’re all in our 50s. … Why would you break apart this successful thing at this point in life? I can see if you had some grand plan that, if you’re in your 20s and you had all this time and all these years ahead of you. But we’re all in the last decade of our working lives. It just sounds like madness to me.”

He also said the settlement speaks volumes about what really went on in Queensrÿche.

“I think (the settlement) makes people, or at least spells out for them, what actually is the situation. And by that I mean I wrote the majority of the music in Queensrÿche all of these years. And Chris [DeGarmo], when he was in the band, wrote the majority of the music in the band. So he and I were the ones that came up with the concepts and the soundscape and the image of the band. Everything that people associate with Queensrÿche, he and I did that. We were responsible for that. So what you have now with him not in the band and me not in the band, is you have the people who were responsible for what people associate with Queensrÿche not in Queensrÿche anymore. So Queensrÿche means something completely different now than it ever has before. See what I’m saying?”

I see, and I like what Queensrÿche means now.

Geoff, you’re a tool.

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