Glenn Danzig Not Interested In Talking About Cat Litter

Glenn Danzig

A few weeks back, we brought you a slightly-amusing picture of Glenn Danzig, getting groceries. He was carrying a box of Tidy Cat, leading many to speculate as to how many cats Danzig owns and if so, what their names are. I say he has at least one feline named Lucifuge.

Now, Glenn’s gone and given an interview to Sean over at Buzzgrinder, which is owned by the same guy who runs Noisetwink, and he sort of half-assedly asks Glenn about all the hullabaloo made over the photo of hismcarrying “cat supplies.” Not surprisingly, Glenn takes control of the interview and the timid question asking continues.

Glenn’s first response about the pics? “I don’t care about that,” he tells Buzzgrinder, who keep on. “I didn’t think so, but…”

“Hey, you know what, why do people even care?,” Glenn asks. “Why are they wast[ing] their lives on this?” “I guess it’s just a weird thing, because there aren’t many musicians who people…” What? Think go to the fucking grocery store?

“Follow with cameras?,” Glenn asks. “Exactly. There aren’t many people who are Glenn Danzig,” Sean says. “Yeah, but you know what… I just play music, you know what I mean? That’s what I want to spend my time talking about. [inaudible, followed by laughing] So you know, let’s talk about the tour, man. We’re coming through Louisville for the first time in a long time.”

I would have asked Glenn about why he’s wearing a Danzig shirt in the picture. “Because Danzig only supports Danzig, mother fucker!,” Glenn — I imagined — would say.

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