Global Voice Call – Free App Offers Calls at Lowest Costs Possible

Global Voice, short for GV is a telecommunication company based in Norway. Users get top-notch and inexpensive international calls (landline and mobile calls). The company just made public their release of the free-to-download Global Voice Call mobile Android app.

The application offer users the best call quality and besides this it can also ingress to Worldwide GSM. Plus, there is no need for a Wi-Fi connection and it can be used for very low prices (internationally). Reminder: This is a prepaid service and you cannot benefit from free calls made internationally.

The company also argues that the GV Call tops the VoIP in terms of call quality. This app also functions on 2G networks and you can access it, no matter where you are. Besides these major advantages, users also get to cut back on their expenses.

Director Morten Hofstad claimed the following: “Globalization has manifested itself in every nook and corner of the world and India is no exception to that and as more and more ideas, products and people are getting transferred from India to around the world, creating a system of global integration”

Get your hands on this app by heading on to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and start initiating calls in every corner of the world. Another final tip: to fend off those steep roaming costs, when you travel abroad, you have to choose the Calling from option (located in the menu) to ensure that your calls are reaching a local mobile or landline phone number. The number you choose is up to you.

GV is expecting to reach out to more than a million users in India. Of course it also wishes to branch out to Asia and has started to make the first move by signing a contract in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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