Gmail App for Android Devices Gets an Upgrade – New and Better Features Added

Google will be rolling out an upgrade for users of Gmail app for Android.

According to an inside source, the new app will feature new and much better features as opposed to the current version. However, there will still be improvements from the previous version, which will essentially make this app the best for email services.

According to Google, the latest version of Gmail app for Android does not feature huge changes as the previous update which came in with lots of design changes for the Android Lollipop users. However, this upgrade is aimed at helping the users of the service to easily get their jobs done without going through unnecessary hassles.

Features of latest Gmail app update

The first of the many features that have been updated with this new Gmail app is the one that lets you take a look at the contact card in just one tap. All this requires you to find the contact you want to know more about and simply tap on their avatar. You should notice the conversation view change to a contact card where you can find details of this person. The details here include their email address, phone number and previous conversation on Hangouts, among others.

It is the availability of such a huge amount of information on a single card design that makes it extremely easy for users to known what is going on. This is an added advantage for business persons.

Unsubscribing from emails

It is a very annoying thing to keep on receiving emails that you actually don’t want to receive. At times, it is even difficult to remember whether it is you who provided your personal details to the vendor that is sending you multiple emails. All you end up with is an overcrowded inbox, which makes it extremely hard to pick out the important emails. Yes, you can solve the issue by grouping the emails using the labels that Gmail for Android provides, but when these messages are too much, handling them can be a huge problem.

There is now a new “Unsubscribe” option in the latest Gmail app for Android that lets users easily unsubscribe from any unwanted email vendor. To succeed with this process, you need any link that comes with the message and located at the foot of the email. While this might still be very common with avoiding spams, there are some hardcore emails that won’t just accept. However, Google has already taken care of this issue by introducing more detailed command-based steps that will help you take care of these spam messages.

Vacation Responder

It is now possible to set vacation responders for all of your exchange accounts thanks to the latest Gmail app for Android. Even though this option is not new, the new aspect about it is the fact that the exchange servers are now involved. This feature is available for all the Android users.

To upgrade to the latest Gmail app on your Android device, simply visit the official APKMirror website for the APK file since the stable version is not yet available in the Google Play Store. Since this version is in beta, you may experience some hiccups when using the latest Gmail app for Android. Alternatively, you can sit still and wait for Google to update the Play Store with the stable version of this application.

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