Gmail Download Latest APK On Android Or iPhone – Sync Tricks and Top Improved Features

Google created Gmail for the users who like to communicate via email messages, but since times have changed and people tend to spend less time in front of their computers, smartphones are the best solution to keep in touch with friends, relatives and co-workers. But while teenagers prefer using messaging applications like WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger, companies need to send official documents or invitations to conferences, so they need an email account to attach files and send them to their collaborators. Luckily, Google released a mobile version of Gmail, so if you’re always on the run, you can run your business using your Android or iOS device.

Gmail has been around for 11 years, offering, initially, a storage capacity of 1GB per user, then the capacity was increased to 2GB, then to 4GB and finally to 25GB. In 2012, the total number of active users exceeded 425 million and in May 2014, Gmail hit 1 billion downloads from the Google Play store.

After releasing the desktop version, Google launched a mobile version of Gmail for Android and iOS phones and they can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store, respectively.

Using a Gmail account, you will access other free services from Google – Maps, AdSense, Analytics and News, so it’s worth installing this free email service on your smartphone. The Gmail app has almost the same features and customization options as the desktop version, but the interface is a little bit different on each mobile platform.

To sync Gmail with an Android phone, you will need to go to Menu>Settings> Accounts and Sync Settings and you will see a list of the current accounts, but you will tap on Add Account and select Google, the use your Gmail ID to sign in, when the application will ask you for your account. In the end, you will select the services you want to sync.

To sync Gmail with iOS Mail, go to your iPhone’s Email settings, select Add Account, select Google and your Gmail account will be added. After your account is connected, you can start receiving Gmail mails on your iPhone’s Mail app.

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