Gmail Free Download – Save your Gmail Account from Being Hacked

A knock on wood, your computer may not be hacked yet.

However, with the recent stories supporting such evil works, make sure you save your accounts perfectly and do not allow such attackers to sneak in your account.

You must have heard that many Gmail accounts fall prey to the hackers every day, including the United States Government officials, activists, celebrities and reporters. It is not the case that only personalities’ accounts are hacked. If you turn naïve and do not take proper precautions to secure your account, you are no more away from being attacked. Have a look at the steps that can help you to save your Gmail account.

Password Security

Do not keep the same password for all of your email accounts. Moreover, none of the account passwords must have your birthdays or your names. It can turn out to be a master key for the hackers to attack your account. If hackers can hack your one account, they sure can use logic and codes to breach the security of the rest of the accounts. Do not use a simple word picked from the dictionary. The dictionary invaders can easily pounce on your account and steal the info they need.

Try choosing a password that you can remember easily. Avoid any personal dates, as those are easy choices to make. Pick any random number and prefix it with a name that you think of and hard to crack for the attackers. In case you think that, there is a good chance of you forgetting your password, use tools that can manage passwords instead of telling it to any of your friends.

Two-step Authentication

Sites like Facebook and Google track your logins. Hence, you are aware if anybody else has used your account without your permission. Use two-step authentication process for Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail. The two-way process is simple. You have to link your mobile phone number to your email account. The moment anybody tries accessing your account from any other unknown desktop or phone, you will receive a notification of a pass code on your device. This will warn you of your device being hacked by somebody. Unless you have punched in the exact pass code, there will be no access to your account. Hence, such two-way authentication process is a good option to save your account from hacking.

International Email

The best way to invite the hackers to hack your account is by opening emails that have a captivating subject as ‘You have won a lottery’. Although the email is catchy and tempting, it is a no-brainer activity for the attackers. You do not have to fall prey to such emails as the moment you click on the link; they have access to all of your account details. The attackers are sophisticated enough to write an email in a well-mannered way. Not only lottery emails, but even emails with a subject line that you have been awarded the job you applied in Craigslist.

Think for a moment and then click if you find it true and original. These are spam emails and are used extensively by the hackers to lure you for clicking. After clicking, you will be asked a couple of general questions and then will declare that you have won a trip to a particular destination. Falling for it, you enter your billing details or Gmail ids and password and allow them to hack your account immediately. Hence, avoid such emails if you see in your Gmail account.

Gmail Settings

Gmail has tried from its end to provide all the safety features to you. It is now your chance to use this ability perfectly. Keep checking your settings once in a week or once in two days to see if your emails are forwarded to anybody else in the ‘mail forwarding’ section in the Settings tab. In addition to it, check for the spam signature. Though you are locking out their businesses, they can add signatures, spam it to your colleagues or heads and destroy your name and reputation.

Always keep checks for malware scanning. It is healthy for the computer and your Gmail account’s life. Up to date your computer with perfect anti-virus software. Do not leave any of your accounts open and shut down the computer. It is better to log off and enter the password every time you login. Safety prevention is better than falling prey to the hackers.

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