Godsmack Helping Vets With New Single

Campaign forthcoming to provide assistance to veterans

GodsmackGodsmackAs much as their music might suck hairy nuts, Godsmack are actually doing something cool for veterans … even if they’re getting some self-serving press out of it.

Something he called a “campaign” will be launched around the band’s new single “What’s Next?,” according for diminutive frontman Sully Erna.

In an interview with K-ROCK in Syracuse, Erna said that Godsmack “had a small problem with the label that they kind of went behind our back and they decided to just go choose a single [‘FML’] when the whole time it was supposed to be ‘What’s Next?’

“And the best part about releasing the [‘What’s Next?’] single is we’re gonna do a whole campaign, because the lyrical content of the song is about the only thing certain is life and death, but what’s next?,” he said.

Deep, dude.

“So we’re doing a whole campaign with the U.S. military — all the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, we’re teaming together with them. We’re gonna do a whole campaign to help out homeless vets, to help out guys with PTSD [post-traumatic stress disorder], all that stuff. We’re just gonna do a whole thing for an awareness level, for a bit of an inspiration.”

Sully continued:

“The whole concept of the [new] record was, really, going back to the roots of Boston, and part of our history of that was we were, as people know, a big part of the Navy… We used to be… We were the recruit song for six years in a row. So we wanna kind of bring it back to that as well. And we’re such big supporters of the U.S. troops. We don’t support war — we wanna be clear about that — but we support our troops and what they have to do, and how they put their lives on the line for us every day so we can live in a country like this.”

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