Google Android Pay to Replace Google Wallet in Making Future Transactions?

Tap-to-pay transactions are not anything new to the users of Android devices.

However, Google announced that Android Pay will take the place of Google Wallet in making the same transactions that the former has been used for in the past.

This news came in at the ongoing Google I/O Developer Conference, which is the event that has also seen the introduction of the latest Android M.

How Android Pay works

Using Android Pay to make an online transaction is a very easy process. When browsing an e-commerce app or any online shopping platform, normally, users will be prompted to select a debit or credit card for making the payment. In the case of Android Pay, you will notice an Android icon that clearly indicates you can opt for Android Pay as your transaction option. Simply tap on this option and the purchase order will be finalized.

In cases of stores that use NFC transactions, things get even much easier as you only need to tap your Android phone against this terminal and the transactions will be complete in seconds. The good part of it all is that there is no need to launch the Android Pay app when making a transaction. However, the app will give you access to all your loyalty cards as well as credit or debit cards that have been linked to Android Pay.

Is Android Pay secure?

It is not new to come across credit card fraud. However, Google has done all it can, to make sure that things remain tight as far as security of your Android Pay is concerned. Your Android phone is used as the authentication tool, which in the process adds a layer of protection on each level of transaction. Furthermore, Android makes use of the latest virtual credit cards technology, where credit card numbers are generated by payment processors/banks and then linked to credit cards.

To use the virtual card, you must provide the virtual card number and the date it expires. In this way, your real card will be charged without any details of your credit card getting out. This is the same technology that Apple Pay uses to secure credit card details of their clients.

In case of a lost device, ensure you log in to your Android Device Manager and wipe clean the device so as to get rid of all Android Pay information.

Android Pay for making in-app purchases and other Play Store purchases

According to Google, the upcoming Android Pay will be used to make in-app purchases as well as other purchases from the official Google Play Store. While at the moment Google Wallet is very capable of doing this, it seems Android Pay will relieve the former from its services in the near future. Google Wallet still has more functions than Android Pay, for instance, ability to pay rent, send money online or even carry a balance, which is one reason it will be very hard to completely replace it with the new Android Pay.

When it is released, the Android Pay app will be able to work on devices running on at least Android KitKat and are NFC-enabled.

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