Google Chrome Browser Introduces Password Alert Security Extension

Security threats have been a major issue in our present Internet era.

Whether it is an email service or a website, every individual faces some level of security threat in accessing an internet service. Although there are various types of firewall options available in all leading browsers, hackers manage to trap individuals through some tricky strategies. With the need for security increasing, Google Chrome has come up with a security extension called Password Alert.

As Google ranks security at the top of its priority list, this extension is an excellent offering to prove their supremacy over the other browsers. The developers of Chrome have worked hard for the last three years to develop the Password Alert extension, alongside the already safe browsing technology. Having said that, it’s time to have a look at this security extension and its features!

As reported by Google Inc., the Password Alert is a security extension available for the Chrome users for free. It is a dedicated extension that protects the Google accounts, emails and personal information of the users. As hackers and phishing web pages target the information and passwords of users, this extension warns the user about a site’s aim before they insert crucial information.

In simple words, the Password Alert extension checks a site for its genuineness when you enter the site. If the tool finds that a page or site is designed for some unethical causes like stealing passwords or accessing personal information, it warns you before entering. This means that you are notified about an uncertainty before entering your password or bank account details in the phishing pages. Moreover, you get an option to proceed further and enter crucial information or leave the page after the warning message.

At the time of launching, Password Alert’s leading engineer stated that the extension warns a user about a prospective threat and leaves the decision of entering a password upon him. Unlike several firewalls, this tool doesn’t force-close any site or webpage. Hence, it is the sole decision of a user whether or not he wants to insert private information after the warning.

On the whole, the Password Alert is a remarkable offering from Google Chrome to improve the security of the leading browser. In a generation where the frequency of phishing pages is counted in millions every day, Password Alert is an effective step towards the improvement of security. Hence, the users will get a better platform after updating their Google Chrome browser.

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