Google Earth Pro Free Download: Tutorials, Tips And Ideas For Using Google Earth

Google Earth is a very important tool and will remain to be one for a very long time. The satellite images can prove to be very fruitful for users as it helps in having an overview of any part of the world. Here are a few advantages of using this amazing tool by Google:

  1. It can help you travel time. For example, if you are looking at your own locality through Google Earth, see if there is a date at the bottom. Once you click on that date, you will be able to see, how that very locality looked like a few or many years back. This is quite an interesting tool and can be used very effectively with students.
  1. You can use the ruler in this app to measure whatever you want. It is a great tool for measuring world famous places, like you can measure the size of the Amazon forest or the Sahara Desert with this amazing feature.
  1. If you are a traveler and are not finding time to pursue your passion, then you make use of Google Earth to visit heritage sites in the world and have an overview of the place. It is an amazing tool which can be used for teaching student as it can help in demonstrating ruins, historical places, oceans, seas, other water bodies and geographical features.
  1. Live Weather System can be viewed quite easily with the help of Google Earth, also users can see the earth through the many layers, check shipwreck or other places affected by natural calamities.
  1. So you are planning to visit Paris, but cannot go because of money, health or time reasons, fret not as a Google Earth guide will help you virtually travel to the world’s most famous places for free. You can virtually see all the important destinations in this world and have fun in the process. The tour has a comprehensive guide which is quite enlightening and enchanting at the same time.
  1. Novices can go through the tutorial in the very beginning after installing Google Earth to use this tool to their advantage. The tutorial is very comprehensive and is a step by step guide which helps new users to understand and use this tool.
  1. You can subscribe to a newsletter from this app to know what’s new, every time Google adds a new feature to this tool.
  1. You can use the flight simulator and start your virtual journey from the airport of your choice. What this will do is, it will go a proper view of the entire place without having to scroll up and down. You can use joysticks or keyboards to fly your own plane while over-viewing the most beautiful places. Once you are mastering controlling the keyboard controls there is no stopping you.
  1. Create your own 3D features in places where is no 3D available in the app. You can very easily send this app to Google for approval and who knows, your creation may be featured on Google Earth itself.
  1. If you are an underwater junkie, then why waste your time viewing land, debris and infrastructure when you can go underwater and discover 70% of the earth. This way you will get to know more about underwater features fishes, barrier reefs, shipwrecks etc.
  1. Once you have explored the earth, you can move ahead to other constellations and view neighboring planets. If being an astronaut was always your dream, then you can leave it virtually by visiting the moon and mars. This app has no boundaries, you can go wherever you want, for free and enjoy the beauty of this world on your computer screen.
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