Google Hangouts Add New Contact Tutorial

Even if Google Plus did not grow to be that Facebook killer as the devs intended there are a few features that managed to stick around. Hangouts is one such example. This simple browser chat client managed to become a built in solution for every Google user.

The app can be accessed directly in a browser in Gmail or while navigating on Google Plus. The features itself is quite basic and easy to use with basic functionality and options. One of the more frequent questions is how to add a new contact which sounds like a basic question but fortunately it has multiple answers.

Step By Step Tutorial

Before moving straight to the tutorial it is worth mentioning that there are multiple ways to do it. One would be to do it in the mobile version of the app while the rest would imply doing it on a computer in a browser. Additionally there are multiple ways to do it in a browser.

Method 1: In Gmail

  1. Open
  2. Right beneath the last email folder there should be a separator line. Beneath it there should be a search button.
  3. Pressing the search button opens a text box with a small results page below. In the search box type the contact that needs to be added.
  4. Some results will show and when the correct one has been identified hover the mouse over it and a small info box will show. In that box there should be a button labeled “Add to circles”. Press it and that’s it. The person will show as a contact in Google Hangouts.

Method 2: In Google Plus

  1. Open
  2. The top left corner should have a home button. Click on “Home”
  3. A new menu will popup and Hangouts should be in the lower half. Click on it.
  4. Hangouts will appear in the right side of the screen and it should have a search box at the top.
  5. Search for the desired contact in the search box. When the desired contact appears hover the mouse cursor over it and click on “Add”. Chose the appropriate group and that’s. The contact has been added.

Both methods do the exact same thing. The contacts added should now show in the contacts section just like in any other chat client. What is rather interesting is the fact that the standalone mobile app does not have the option to add a contact. However this can be done using the Google Plus mobile app and when someone is added to a circle he is also added as a Hangouts contact.

Google recently introduced the Hangouts app in the Chrome web store in the form of a browser plugin. Last but not least the mobile app is also available in iOS for the ones that simply cannot use anything else except for Hangouts.

Contact management is a bit blurry in Google Hangouts and while the chat client itself is quite basic and simple it does lack some features that would make it a bit more competitive. Until then Hangouts is more of an option to have in case other chat clients are not available.

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