Google Hangouts Better Than WhatsApp?

Instant messaging software and apps have captured a huge market share and have tapped the opportunity of presenting customers with the chance to stay connected with their contacts through their mobile phones and tablets while they are on the go. The market is filled with a plethora of options but choosing the best ones can be a bit difficult at times due to the different features and specifications.

WhatsApp and Google Hangout are two of the most popular apps that are used for this purpose but selecting the best out of these two can be a little tricky. So here is a complete head to head analysis of the two apps to decide if Google Hangouts is better than WhatsApp or vice versa.

Feature Analysis

Feature wise both these apps offer pretty much the same things to customers but the main difference lies in the way things are executed and the performance each of these apps deliver.

WhatsApp, which has been acquired by Facebook recently, has dominated the messaging scene while Hangouts is a platform developed by Google. Both offer the chance to communicate via messages as well as voice calling. Hangouts had the option of voice calling before WhatsApp followed it’s cue and integrated the calling feature in it’s application. Calls are placed via the data connection and the call quality is more or less same on both. Both these apps support group messaging which is a favorite among users today.

Hangouts however manages to outscore WhatsApp with it’s video calling feature which is something WhatsApp still lacks. Also, user can access Hangouts through multiple devices at the same time while WhatsApp lets you communicate through only one device at a time. Hangouts also lets you activate a notification freeze where you do not get any notifications for a particular time period whereas in WhatsApp there is no such feature available.


Both the applications are compatible with most of the major mobile platforms like iOS and Android. WhatsApp however has the better reach here as it supports devices running Windows, Blackberry and Symbian OS. Both the apps also run on desktops and laptops running Windows and Mac OS. So WhatsApp emerges the winner in this category.

Video Calls

Hangouts supports video calling which is an extremely sought after feature these days. Hangouts also offers the option to make conference calls which may allow users to speak to multiple contacts at the same time via a video call. What is even better is the fact that you can make a video call to a maximum of 10 people using the Google Hangouts app and can easily switch between text and video while a call is in progress. Full marks to Hangouts here.


WhatsApp allows users to share videos, audio and pictures with your contacts easily. Hangouts also allows this except the video option. WhatsApp also allows users to share contacts which is something that is still missing in Google Hangouts. Location sharing is something that both these apps offer while Hangouts offers animated GIFs to spice up your conversations.

Final Thoughts

Judging by the analysis above, it seems that Google Hangouts is a better messaging option. The fact that WhatsApp will charge a $0.99 fee after the first year also makes Hangouts a more enticing prospect as it is completely free.

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