Google I/O 2015 – Google Maps Improves Offline Search, Smarter Google Now, and More

Google held its annual developer conference a few days ago and from this event there was a lot that we should expect from Google in the near future.

The company made some amazing announcements during this event; perhaps the most expected one being the rolling out of Android M, which is the successor of Android Lollipop. However, there were also other special announcements made, among them being those affecting Google Maps and Google Now, the tech giant’s personal voice assistant.

Improved offline functionality with Google Maps

The event was used by Google to reveal a new feature for Google Maps users. This mapping application has turned out to be a favorite for millions of users, especially those using the Android devices. The app keeps improving day in day out and the latest addition is the ability of the mapping application to offer improved functionality even when offline.

While Google Maps has made its name as the best mapping application, it lags behind when it comes to offline functionalities, especially when compared to apps like Nokia HERE Maps and Waze. This is good news for the millions of people who depend on this app for mapping services. It is also expected that Google Maps, having already tested it on a phone in airplane mode, will come with additional support for turn-by-turn navigation. Even though Google has made it public that Google Maps will be getting these features, it is not clear when exactly users will start enjoying them.

The best part of it all is that users will be able to use the turn-by-turn feature even with offline maps. This will be very handy in cases of poor connectivity as you can still find your way even when on a map that you had already saved for offline use.

Smarter Google Now

Google Now is the voice assistant feature that resembles Apple’s Siri. Google has introduced a new feature in this tool known as Now on Tap. This means that the users will be able to use Google Now from any screen or app without the need to leave or close the current application. All they need is to tap and hold the home button. You can get information you want and any assistance when in any app. An example is when chatting with a friend and this person enquires about having dinner in a certain restaurant. Using “Now on Tap”, you can easily get access to more information regarding this restaurant, call them and make a reservation without leaving the messaging app.

Google is a smart company and with all these additions, it is only looking to outsmart the other players in the industry and keep luring more users to its services. There is no doubt that the company will succeed with these additions, especially in this highly digitally-inclined world.

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