Google Maps Update – Google Eyeing on Offline Search and Navigation

In a recent event, Google has announced a series of new features in Play Store along with the Android M announcement.

This included an announcement about Google Maps, where the company stated that an offline search and navigation feature will be introduced in the second half of 2015. Alongside offline search, a turn-by-turn navigation will be offered so that the users can take directions correctly based on the voice instructions.

Why do you need offline maps?

Searching for places in Google Maps consume a lot of data. With the ever-increasing data charges by every carrier, online map has lately turned out to be an expensive navigation option. Apart from this, the carrier connectivity in various areas of developing countries is spotty and hence, maps do not work appropriately due to poor data connection. Moreover, if you travel a lot through the less-connected regions, the existing version of Google map might not serve you suitably and you might face critical problems on the road.

How will it help you?

The newer version of Google Map will feature the offline search that will run properly, even when your data connection is switched off. It will not require data for loading maps and will guide you through the less known areas appropriately. Apart from this, as the version will not take the assistance of data, your data usage and its cost will cut down effectively.

The offline navigation system will allow a user to check directions, even in the absence of the carrier’s network. This means that you can search for directions while you are in a flight or an underground mode of transport. Hence, you can explore a diverse range of locations without involving the need for data connectivity.

Apart from the basic offline function, the upcoming version of Google Maps will allow the users to explore interesting places along with their relevant information and review. Basic information such as the opening hours, address and contact numbers will be provided in the offline mode of map. The user reviews will be displayed beside the searched place so that a user can go through the reviews and decide whether or not to visit it.

To sum it up, the Google Map update will make the expensive navigation system very cost-effective. It will not only cut down the phone bills of a user, but will also provide more reliability to travelers of the modern era.

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