Google Nexus 5 (2015) – Launch Date Rumors, Powerful Specs and Improvements

Google’s Nexus 5 handset is the launch that everybody is waiting for. With the first generation having been launched back in 2013, the second generation of Google Nexus 5 is expected to roll out in the near future.

This new 2015 Nexus 5 device will come out with stellar features and specs. The first and foremost update will target the display. This will be a 2K one and will top the 1080×1920 pixel one which came out with the release of the 2013 variant.

Next in line is the processor. The first generation came out with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, but the second one will sport a Snapdragon 810. This is the newest and the fastest processor developed by Qualcomm. But some believe Google will make some changes and pick the Snapdragon 808 and not the 810. This remains to be seen, though.

The camera will also be update to 13 MP. This is way more than the original version had (8MP). And this leads us to the obvious question: Who will manufacture the Nexus 5 (2015) device? Some claim it will be LG, which was also in charge of the 2013 Nexus device. Allegedly, this gizmo will also roll out with an iris scanner feature. If this is true, we will be definitely looking at an innovative device that will sweep the fingerprint scanner under the rug.

Moving on to the launch date of the Nexus 5 (2015), as usual Google hasn’t leaked anything about the upcoming launch of the Nexus 5. But, according to some innuendos Google might be getting ready to release the device either in the month of October or November.

But, the latter device is not the only big launch that Google is planning to have this year. Users should also keep their eyes open for the Nexus 6 inauguration (presumably built by Huawei a.k.a the “Angler”). It will sport a 5.7 inch display (a bit smaller than its predecessor the Nexus 6, the 2014 version). Once these handsets roll out, they will have to face the iPhone 6S devices, which will function on the newest OS launched by Google, Android M.

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