Google Play Store Alternatives – A Couple of Great Alternative App Stores to Google Play

There are many different reasons why some don’t use Google Play Store for downloading their apps and games.

In many countries Google is banned; so the Google Play Store is too. Also, many countries can access Google Play Store, but are limited only to apps and games that are free. There are also other possible scenarios, like those where some devices, like Kindle tablets, don’t have Google Play Store pre-installed. Finally, many people simply don’t want to use Google and its products, including the Google Play Store. Whatever the case is, there are loads of alternatives to Play Store, and here’s the list of some of them we consider great.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Most manufacturers aim to allure the users to use their own services and applications. As the most successful and the biggest manufacturer of the Android devices, Samsung has been proffering a wide range of its own content and services on all of Samsung’s devices and this includes the apps. In the past, the app was called Samsung Apps, after that it became S Suggest, until July 2014, when it was re-branded as Samsung Galaxy Apps. You also have the possibility of signing into a website which allows you to browse and search for apps as well as to send them straight to your device. This app store is supposed to include a special algorithm in order to process a bunch of data as well as to throw up intelligent recommendations tailored for you. The store consists of a lot of categories; so it is a pretty divergent view of the loads of Android applications on offer. There is also a submission process which allows app developers to get their app certified.


This interesting alternative app store proffers a big collection of curated applications. It is also equipped with a smart recommendation engine which is supposed to make sensible suggestions by analyzing your preferences. The store doesn’t require registration and boasts of a pretty good interface as well as global access. Mobogenie will also work as your file manager allowing you to download other stuff beyond applications like YouTube videos, ringtones, wallpapers and books. A PC client allows you to easily transfer your files and contents back and forth. Also, you can copy/paste files, batch install applications and more.


ZoZoApps’s proprietary algorithm studies the topics and functions of applications, so you can not only search, based on what apps are called, but also based on what they do. Try searching for “kid’s games”, “puzzle games”, “chat”, “tip calculators” or “expense trackers”, and start discovering great apps. ZoZo is one of the first most smart and intelligent search engines for mobile users. It is importing applications from other websites and its propriety algorithm enables the users to search for applications they want, as well as to share them with their friends via different social sites such as Facebook. Once the user signs-up, the site will immediately understand his mobile preferences: apps he likes and the mobile devices. There is also a unique experience for the users, where they are allowed to sign-in for application price change as well as to follow news and the trend from the developer.

If you’re not a Google Play Store user or wish to switch from Google Play to some other app store, you will surely find a great alternative to Google Play, since the choice is really wide.

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