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If you own an Android phone, then you are advised to go ahead and download the Play Store because by doing so you are going to make it so much easier for you to download a whole host of apps that are capable of doing so many things that they simply cannot all be listed here. In other words, if you do not download the app for this store, then you are going to be seriously missing out.

Why The Play Store Is The Best

So why is the Play Store the best? This is easy enough to answer as it is owned by Google and they are of course the people behind the Android operating system. It is also the store that has the most apps listed on it as there are hundreds of thousands whereas other app stores tend to have a fraction of the number and surely having more options to choose from is better?

There is also the sense that the apps on there are going to be the most up to date and also work perfectly well with the Android system, so from a technical point of view it also makes perfect sense.

How To Get The App

Getting the app is as easy as you would imagine. It is simply a case of you going to the website for the Google Play Store from your Android phone and log in with your Google account. If you do not have one, then you will see a prompt to create an account and it takes just seconds to do this. All you then need to do is download the file and install it and everything will work without a hitch.

The key here is to look out for the Google Play Store APK as this is the download that you will need. After this, go to your settings and make sure that the unknown sources box is ticked to allow it to happen. This is the only way that the download will be able to be installed before you then go to wherever you have saved the file, open it, and let it do its thing.

After it has installed, just remember to go back to the unknown sources option and untick it for your own security.

So, for the Play Store app;

  • Make sure that you download the APK file.
  • Change the unknown sources option on your settings to make sure it can install.
  • Follow the simple instructions and it will all be installed in seconds.
  • Untick that box to make sure that you are safe.

The Play Store is by far and away the best option for you when it comes to being able to download apps for your Android phone.

There is pretty much no reason for you to use any other app store that is out there as they simply do not have the range available and why should you do yourself an injustice and limit what you can download when a completely free option is better?

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