Grand Theft Auto VI: Will The Game Release In Summer 2017?

Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most successful games ever created. After releasing in September 2013, the game has since sold over 40 million copies across multiple platforms. GTA Online, a mode included in the game, has been played by 40 million people so far. Many players are wondering about GTA VI, a sequel that everyone knows is coming. For the time being, Rockstar hasn’t confirmed it, but development team members have mused about the potential sequel, which could arrive within three years.

GTA 6 Release Date Speculation

Rumors started hitting the Internet as soon as GTA V was released. Of course, that tends to happen with all major releases. Gamers and analysts are always ready for the sequel to hit games after all. It’s been nearly two years since the game hit the market, and the rumors are far closer to being accurate. For now, Rockstar hasn’t made announcements pertaining to GTA 6, but all signs point toward a sequel being in early development. Could the game arrive sometime in 2016? Not likely.

The sequel will more than likely be released in the summer like Grand Theft Auto V. However, 2016 seems like it’s too soon for a new game because development often requires multiple years. That’s why a main GTA title won’t release in 2015, no matter what the rumors say. Three years isn’t a long time, and that almost rules out 2016, although plans could change. Therefore, Summer 2017 looks like the release period for GTA 6. Most people expect a release announcement of the game sometime in 2016.

Would Rockstar Wait Four Years For A Sequel?

Four years might seem like a wide gap between major releases for video games. Then again, Rockstar’s GTA V is still an incredibly popular game accessed by millions each week. Nearly five years passed between GTA IV and V, so Rockstar is willing to wait between releases. The fact that the most recent game is so popular means that the company can wait to develop and release GTA 6. Waiting an extra year or two allows Rockstar to rake in the profits while players remain content with GTA V.

The Heists mode was recently added into Grand Theft Auto V, which increased the overall player count by a large number. Rockstar’s consistent support and free DLC for the online mode makes GTA V an unbeatable value. For many players, the game is still as exciting today as it was on release day. Few games feature that kind of longevity today, and GTA V has lasting appeal that could keep the game popular for the next five years, if necessary.

Grand Theft Auto 6 Is An Unconfirmed Guarantee!

Rockstar hasn’t officially talked about GTA 6 at this point in time. GTA V offers the company over two billion reasons to make the sequel, considering the game has sold over $2 billion in copies in less than two years. In the end, GTA 6 should see the light of day toward the end of 2017. While that’s not a guarantee by any means, the date makes perfect sense. It walks the line between giving GTA V enough time to run its course and giving Rockstar enough time to develop the sequel.

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