GSA Writer Contest: Let The Voting Begin!

Vote fuckers

On Tuesday, you may recall we launched our second annual search for a new blogger — someone who will get to review records and shows, and even interview bands he idolizes.

We brought you three entries from three of our readers, who are gunning for a chance to become a regular contributor here at GunShyAssassin, like last year’s winner, Sean Harris.

Now, we need your votes to make that dream of theirs a bona fide fucking reality.

Today, we are taking a look back at the three contributions, and provide something of a refresher for you before voting begins over on our Facebook page.

You can also vote in the comments section below.

Additionally, Facebook “likes” on a post, and comments from readers, will be factored into the final decision, which ultimately rests with the motherfucker who got this bitch started…me.

So, here’s our recap.

First, Celtic Frost fan Thomas Crocker submitted his picks for five bands you need to see live, and almost put us in the venue there with him as he painted a picture of his memories from those shows.

He writes, of seeing Triptykon: “My mind seemed to leave my body as I stared blankly in front of me. I allowed the music to take me to another place. I have never been to a gig that transported me like Triptykon did. If you buy tickets to see this band, then be ready to be sent to a dark, hellish place that you have never been to before. And if you get lucky, like I did, you will get some Celtic Frosting at the end of it.”

Good stuff. Then came Xander Harrison’s entry. Reading it, you can tell the dude’s a regular reader and a lover of metal. Especially the one known as Hevy Devy.

“One of the most creative people in the metal world, you only need to watch the ‘By a Thread’ and ‘Retinal Circus’ DVDs to know that you need to go see this man play,” Xander writes of Devin Townsend.

“The absolute lunacy that Devin’s shows contain, and not to mention a flawless repertoire of songs he can draw from, make him the top of my list. I am convinced that Devin is actually a god. I literally cannot say anything else. Go see that shit. Right now. Fucker.

Lastly, we heard from Rafael Gallaher, another devoted metalhead who capped off his entry like a champ — recommending you go see not just a specific band, but any local metal band you can check out, because that’s what’ll keep the scene alive.

“It’s normally drastically less expensive than supporting the bloated endeavors of a band whose drive lapsed several albums ago,” Rafael writes, of supporting the scene.

“Find a group that is hungry for the stage, champing at the bit for success by practicing often and seriously. Find a band that has a fire in their belly and help them out by letting them know you fucking dig their tunes. Encourage them to stay true to themselves, not the shitty royalties paycheck they probably won’t be offered by companies, and the metal scene will grow in the most awesomely gruesome way.”

Now, exercise your voice, and have it heard. Vote for you favorite. In a week, we’ll announce the winner.

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