GTA 5 Future Expansions: Zombie DLC on the cards?

GTA 5 is one of the best selling games ever and when news broke that it may be getting a single player zombie DLC, the online gaming forums have literally exploded. Surely, as you can imagine, some people were really excited about this news, but others claimed we already have too many zombie games already and by adding GTA to the list it’s only going to make fans all over the world lose faith in Rockstar’s ability to bring something new to the table.

Proof in the code

All GTA 5 future expansions until present date have been nothing short of incredible, but adding zombies in a game like this may make it even more interesting. In fact, many Youtubers and GTA 5 players have looked into the game’s code and discovered that there is an acronym that’s being used far too often in it and that is ZMB.

What this made many of them believe is that sooner or later Rockstar will release an expansion that replaces humans with zombies. But the theory doesn’t seem to be that believable, given the fact three letters found in the game’s code aren’t solid evidence that Rockstar is indeed working on such an expansion. And given the fact it’s highly possible for this to be exclusively available for the PS4 makes the entire theory looks very deficient.

But recent news show that this is not only a rumor or someone’s imagining of what future GTA expansions are going to be about. New strings of code have been discovered and since there are also some videos posted online about this, the initial rumor about this has just been bumped up to undeniable status.

Solid proof

A YouTuber that goes by the name of Chr0m3xMoDz has posted a video online about the hidden DLC he has found in the menu of the popular shooter game that allows you to play two new characters, including Dead and Trevor. According to the video, this will be only a single player affair, so there’s no zombie multiplayer for us gamers to enjoy yet. Well, at least for the moment, hopefully.

But while an undecorated DLC printscreen is not enough to make a good case, there are some very interesting source code pictures that the user has included in his video which add to the credibility of his case. It’s as if Rockstar somehow wanted users to know what they’re up to, so if you go ahead and select to play with Dead, the game will then run a fast check in order to see if you bought the DLC.

It does so by looking for a file called spzombies. There is no news yet about this from Rockstar, but for many GTA fans it is as clear as day that the future GTA 5 expansion pack is going to be really fun as in zombie killing fun.

And since most of us know just how fun GTA can actually become when you drive around town destroying and killing everyone, adding zombies to the mix is certainly going to make the game a lot more fun. So what do you think? Are zombies and GTA a mix you’d like to see or not?

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