GTA 5 PC Gets a Firefighter Mod with Real Missions and Challenging Objectives

GTA 5 PC has been getting better every day and it’s because of the mods!

The latest one to join the list is a firefighter simulator mod where you get real missions and some challenging objectives to overcome.

On a YouTube channel run by the Typical Gamer, the mod has been detailed for your convenience. The professional game streamer has released a video that runs for an hour and thirty minutes. That is more than enough time for you to understand more about how the life of a firefighter works, the mission objectives and about how to work with your teammates. Rockstar has created a world filled with amazing characters, vehicles, and authentic details. The modders have just started making good use of the program and it is going to go a long way until GTA 6 gets launched.

Be a Firefighter

Sometime ago, a mod that allowed players to be a cop emerged where your daily job was to listen to emergency radio and respond accordingly. The GTA 5 PC firefighter mod is similar to it but instead of solving crime, you have to fight with natural disasters caused by fire. The video showcases a really mission in the first few minutes where the player has to clear off the fire on top of a camp tent. It is very easy and you will be through it in minutes.

But, if you underestimate the mod to be as simple as this always, you are in for a surprise. The mission gets bigger and objectives become more challenging than ever. You will be called upon to face some of the toughest fire accidents happening in Los Santos, some of them engulfing buildings with multiple floors. The objective not only includes putting out the fire but also to make sure the residents are safely escorted out of it.

Plenty of Mods

The wide range of mods available for GTA 5 PC would simply astonish any gamer because the way these modders think is too good to be true. There is one which allows you to flood the entire city of Los Santos and being a huge world, it looks like a waste land submerged in water. You can even choose to swim along with a whale and take down police choppers if your stars go up. Other mods include the angry pilots mod, police and you can even try the wacky teenage mutant ninja turtles missions.

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