GTA 5 PC Gets a Superman Mod, Fly, and Fight Foes in Air

Rockstar made a game named GTA 5 which got launched on PC very late but the best of the title is coming out on this platform because of the mods.

The Superman mod is the latest addition.

Named simply as Superman, this mod has been designed to allow players to fly. You don’t have to activate any cheats because a couple of them are switched on by default. Players get to become the most powerful superhero in the universe and when you do so, you can actually fight with everyone with complete confidence.

Superman Mod

The Superman mod on GTA 5 PC allows you to control the universe with your super powers. When you hit cars and smash with pedestrians, they will fly into the air. You will not realize the full extent of your powers until you start destroying the city on your own, without using any super weapons. As you might have guessed by now, Superman is supposed to fly and the mod allows you to do it. It makes use of a cheat that uses the parachute to allow you to fly. Flying throughout a huge city like Los Santos is fun as there are so many buildings, cars, and pedestrians to zoom through. Just make sure you don’t hit anything as it might send you tumbling back to the ground.

Super Weapons Mod

Apart from the superman mod, there is also a super weapons mod which has been released for GTA 5 PC. It lets you unlock some of the destructive weapons in the game. They are so powerful that you could easily destroy a dozen cars by using one of the grenades or the mini rail gun. In the superman mod, you get to wear the traditional costume of Superman. Similarly, the weapons mod introduces some new costumes as well.

While all these modifications are unlimited fun, the problem with these user made content is that sometimes they could make the game crash. In one of the mod named the angry planes, there was a malware which was injected into it. Any player who downloads the same and installs it will be subject to an attack as it will start sending anonymous data as soon as it enters the operating system. You can’t avoid all of them just because of these issues. Rather, you should consider being cautious when installing new content and use anti malware programs and defend yourself from intrusion.

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