GTA 5 Story DLC Release Date is unconfirmed until Rockstar Confirms It

Right after the investors meet, Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick had an interview in which he denied the existence of a GTA 5 story DLC release but the statement was withdrawn after sometime when a spokesperson clarified the situation.

It doesn’t seem to be the best time for the CEO of Take Two because the publishers are huge but they don’t have a direct control over the developers. Rockstar enjoys the freedom because without such space, they may not be able to come up with the best titles even though they are in the industry for over two decades now. Unlike Ubisoft or Electronic Arts, which kind of releases dumb AAA titles every year including the much criticized Assassin’s Creed, Rockstar tends to be different. But, their uniqueness continues even in announcements and they don’t share details even with their own publisher.

Take Two Denies Newswire Update

In February 2014, Rockstar in their official Newswire blog confirmed that they are working on a GTA 5 story DLC release which will further expand the life of Franklin, Michael and Trevor. They are the three lead characters in the game and it is easily one of the best storytelling methods that the developers used in the game. The ability to switch between characters is really good and given the huge size of Los Santos, having three different people is much easier than having to navigate the same person to every corner of the map.

But, during the interview, Take Two CEO said that the recollections that the analyst had about a story DLC is completely wrong because he doesn’t remember any of those. It was definitely one of the worst statements to make because the post is still live on the blog and the analyst had absolute proof which Zelnick could never refute.

Rockstar Announcement awaited

After a couple of hours, a spokesperson from Take Two emerged and replied to Gamespot who originally posted the news. He confirmed that the statement made by the CEO was misquoted and it was never meant to be that way.

He also added that GTA 5 story DLC release can be confirmed only by Rockstar because the developers have complete control over their game and Take Two can’t comment on their activities. The newswire report is indeed true as it is still available on the blog, he added. Will Rockstar step up and clear the confusion now? They probably won’t, as always!

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