GTA 6 Release Date Rumors: Setting, Characters and New Features

For avid video gamers with a passion for action-adventure and strategy-based gaming titles, the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) franchise by Rockstar is among the best titles of all time for many reasons. Its interesting plots, for instance, offer hours of scintillating game play. Its characters are also interesting, while its numerous strategies for completing game missions help to keep players engaged and entertained when playing.

Since the release of GTA 5 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 17 September 2013, the demand for a fifth installment, GTA 6, has been rife, with rumors of what to expect taking center stage in many blogs, online communities, and gaming websites. If you are a fan of GTA, here are five GTA 6 rumors that many people hope are true:

GTA 6 Release Date

Rockstar has not announced the official release date of GTA 6. However, the speculations and rumors in many online quarters indicate that this much-anticipated sixth installment might be available in stores between 2018 and 2020. Even though its developers have not started its production, Rockstar’s president, Leslie Benzies, has acknowledged that they are working on several ideas that might make it one of the most interesting games yet in their franchise. If a test, beta, or the full version of GTA 6 will be ready before 2018, only time will tell.

GTA 6 Setting

As previous installments of GTA, one of the main areas of speculation, interest, and GTA 6 rumors is its setting. Which city will play host to the destruction and carnage popular in this gaming franchise? While some fans speculate that the GTA 6 could return to previous settings such as San Andreas or Vice City, recent reports indicate that a characterful metropolis such as Portland City in the state or Oregon, USA will be the setting for GTA 6.

Its crowded streets are bustling with life, which is all GTA is about. Unlike backdrops such as New York City, Miami, and Los Angeles that have played host to previous versions of GTA, it has over 81 strip clubs, nine gun stores, and an array of beauty and fashion stores, that complement GTA’s plot perfectly.

GTA 6 Characters

The introduction of multiple playable characters in GTA 5 resonated well with both novice and experienced players. To maintain this good vibe, recent GTA 6 rumors indicate that Rockstar might retain this feature in this upcoming installment. Expect multiple playable characters, each with his distinct identity. Each will also have a unique playing style when engaging in close quarter combat, a series of skill sets, and several advanced combat skills that they can learn and perfect during game play. As such, you will be able to bond with your character and enjoy a better experience overall.

Dynamic Weather

Even though weather is an excellent tool for improving the realism of games, its dynamicity has been limited in previous versions of GTA. This is bound to change in GTA 6. Apart from day and night, sunshine, and showers that are common in previous GTA installments, expect an array of weather conditions when GTA 6 officially launches. You should also expect an immersive world with drastic and extreme weather changes such as torrential downpours, floods, and even blizzards.

Interaction with Buildings

Since the production of GTA started several years ago, interactions with buildings were limited. This is rumored to change in GTA 6. Apart from saving your game and buying guns in stores, you will be able to visit a salon for a haircut, explore various clothing stores, and eat fast food in popular stores such as Burger Shot. To create a realistic and interactive environment, you will also be able to buy cars online, build relationships with other characters, and interestingly, blow up buildings.

GTA 6 is an anticipated sixth installment of Rockstar’s popular GTA franchise. While many expect an immersive game as previous versions of GTA, a few changes that enthusiasts should expect are its setting, characters, weather, and interaction with buildings.

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