Guest Column: Five Albums That Will Change You By Embryonic Devourment’s Adam Weber

Guest ColumnGuest Column

Guest Column

A long time ago, we asked a bunch of bands to submit columns on the following topic: Five Albums That Will Change Your Life. Today, we bring you an entry provided by Adam Weber, guitarist for Embryonic Devourment.

Metallica’s Ride The Lightning 
This was the album that forever changed the style I wanted to play. An instant classic, when I first heard it I knew I was going underground; heavy and fast with vocals that were pissed.

My favorite Metallica album.

Slayer’s Hell Awaits
I didn’t think it possible to be faster than Metallica. Then I heard this. Raw, aggressive for its time, technical, and evil.

This is and always will be my favorite Slayer.

Death’s Scream Bloody Gore
This is what got me into death metal, ladies and gentlemen! I heard it for the first time a year after it came out and was instantly crushed by the simple brutality of the music.

There’s not a bad song on the album; pretty primitive by today’s standards but none the less sick! 

Entombed’s Left Hand Path
As if I didn’t think music could possibly get any heavier than Death, here comes Entombed: Crushing savagery, down-tuned guitars, buzz saw distortion (thanks to the Boss HM2 distortion pedal).

Basically terrible production but it had magic in its own way, and anger throughout, with a D-beat punk influence and hooks interwoven throughout the sonic cacophony of brutality. 

Suffocation’s Pierced From Within
OK, so a lot of you know this album. Not much needs to be said; it is the album that changed the way people think of death metal as we know it.

It literally spawned two subgenres of death metal, the first known as “slam” (bands like Devourment, Awaken The Cadaver, etc.) and then “tech death” (Decrepit Birth, Disgorge, Spawn Of Possession, etc.)

Anger throughout, complex arrangements, brilliant harmonies and a change for the better in Frank Mullen’s vocal technique. Easily my favorite Suffo album, and if you aren’t familiar with it, I urge you to pick up a copy and immerse yourself in its nightmare.

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