Guest Column: Five Albums That Will Change You By Gravehill’s Mike Abominator

Five albums you must check out, if you’re a metalhead worth his or her salt



A long time ago, we asked a bunch of bands to submit columns on the following topic: Five Albums That Will Change Your Life. Today, we bring you an entry provided by Gravehill member Mike Abominator.

The Awakening by Merciless
This is my favorite “thrash” album of all time and one of my favorite albums in general. Most people talk about Darkness Descends, Pleasure to Kill, Reign in Blood or Bonded by Blood as the king of the thrash albums, but this monster put out in 1990 by Euronymous from Mayhem (on his Deathlike Silence Productions label) is a ravaging classic that is so relentless that it rips your face off.

The riffs are catchy and amazing, they will stick in your head as they rip it off. It’s border line death metal actually, but still thrashing as fuck, like old Kreator on meth.

Lost Paradise by Paradise Lost
When I play this album for people that only know the band as they sound now, they can’t believe it’s the same band. It’s so dark and heavy. It is the true benchmark for doom/death metal that no one has really come close to since in my opinion. Fucking insane riffs and the vocals are deep and bellowing and match the music perfectly.

Put it on and it just prods along at a dismal pace, not TOO slow, just enough to get you in the mood. It’s more of an evil funeral march than a depressing affair. Either way, it sounds like hell.

Welcome to Hell by Venom
Here is my go to album. The Duke. A#1. It is 666% essential. Loose and charged metal that has a “punk” energy that later became “black metal”. Every song is just a classic. I CAN’T say enough about this fucker. No more words are needed.

Have this in your collection or fuck off!

Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing by Discharge
Like an even MORE pissed off Minor Threat. Discharge comes to kill with this one. Repetitive, simple, straight to the point. Barbaric is more like it. I mean “The Final Bloodbath” has two riffs in three minutes! haha. But it’s so fucking awesome!

These fuckers bashed away at their instruments like beasts on a mission to destroy their enemies. The riffs and song structures are so contagious, like some sort of virus ya can’t kick. This wasn’t just any old “punk rock” either. This shit made you want to bash something into pieces, humans or objects could apply. This was dark and frightening stuff, just throw on “Cries of Help” and you will hear, see and say, FUCK!

Strappado by Slaughter
This was speed metal/thrash/hardcore all on a heavy dose of PCP and steroids. It was DEATH METAL. And it fucking RULES! This is just the perfect mix of those styles thrown into a blender from hell. The guitar feedback that leads into the title track is beautiful noise to these ears. This is 20 some odd minutes of total fucking aggression and mayhem. The songs are short, sweet and go for the throat. Brilliant stuff in it’s deadly simplicity!

The first few minutes of this fucker will kick your ass. The next few will kill you. The last few will piss on your corpse.

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