Guest Column: Five Albums That Will Change You By Jupiter Zeus’ Michael Lawson

Jupiter ZeusJupiter Zeus

Jupiter Zeus

A long time ago, we asked a bunch of bands to submit columns on the following topic: Five Albums That Will Change Your Life. Today, we bring you an entry provided by Michael Lawson of Jupiter Zeus.

Metallica’s Master of Puppets
OK, I know pretty much every person in every metal/hard rock band in the world would have picked this album but for me, this was the album which completely blew me away to a point that I haven’t ever experienced again still to this day.

I was 15 at a friend’s house who put it on and I remember just being completely and utterly floored at the rhythm guitar. I seriously thought it couldn’t be a real person playing like that and that it must be some form of studio trickery.

I don’t know who it was who played the rhythm guitar on that album but I hope whoever it was might have found a small amount of success and maybe made a bit of money to pay the rent.

Helmet’s Aftertaste
I’d previously gotten into Helmet and had their previous albums but Aftertaste was the one which I thought just sounded awesome.

I always loved that massive rhythm sound that Page Hamilton has and I don’t think it ever sounded quite as big as it does on this album. In a previous band I was in, we used to blast Helmet before going out to play a gig to get in the right frame of mind

Black Sabbath’s Greatest Hits
I bought this when I was 11 years old in primary school when all the other kids where listening to INXS and Duran Duran.

I just thought it sounded like the maddest stuff ever. The opening of “Iron Man” was just the most craziest, fucked up guitar sound I’d ever heard up until that point. How could anybody make a guitar sound like that? And with Ozzy Osbourne screaming all that crazy stuff at you, whats not to like?

Totally made me put the classical guitar away and start playing loud haha

Non-Intentional Lifeform’s Uisce
Non-Intentional Lifeform (or NIL for short) where possibly the best live band I’ve ever seen. They where a local band from where I’m from (Perth, Australia) who got signed to Roadrunner in the ’90s but split up shortly afterwards. This album was one of the most anticipated albums to come out and certainly didn’t disappoint.

A totally schizophrenic mix of just about every style of music you could imagine played at 100 miles an hour. Unfortunately, inner band personal issues came to a head and they split up shortly after this came out.

Soundgarden’s Badmotorfinger
I always thought this album was like a more up to date version of Black Sabbath. Chris Cornell’s vocals have that kinda Ozzy sound and the riffs could easily be Tony Iommi.

Intense without necessarily being heavy which is awesome! I saw Soundgarden right before they split up at an arena in Perth and they where just fkn awesome. I remember Chris Cornell singing “Slaves and Bulldozers” and it sounded even more powerful than it does on the album. How is that even humanly possible?

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