Guest Column: Five Albums That Will Change You By Widow Sunday’s Sean Duffy

Guest Column

In our ongoing series of guest columns, we’ve asked a bunch of metal’s heaviest hitters to provide us with a list of five crucial albums they think will change you — either for the better or the worse. Today, we hear from Sean Duffy, a member of the now-defunct Widow Sunday.

Darkane — Rusted Angel
Back when I was knee high to a grasshopper, this album completely changed how I viewed metal. Before this all I listened to was American thrash metal (Slayer, Megadeth, Testament, etc). From the orchestrated intro, to the insanely fast melodic gothenburg riffs, this album to me is perfect. Christofer Malmström is an amazing song writer. He also still has his cheesy Web site up where he tabbed out most of the songs which I spent most of my teenage years addicted to. “Convicted” and “Rape of Mankind” are my favorite tracks off this album.

Meshuggah — None
The first Meshuggah album I ever purchased was Contradictions Collapse, which to me was an absolutely amazing record. But then I picked the None EP up and was blown away. This was definitely a sound I had never heard before. This was the start of Meshuggah really coming into themselves. I would play this on repeat for hours upon hours mesmerized by it. Every single track on this record is amazing but if I had to choose my favorites are “Sickening” and “Gods of Rapture.” 

The Crystal Method — Vegas
This was one of the first electronica albums I had ever listened to. It’s really hard to choose which electronica group around this time really got me into it. I was listening to a lot of Fatboy Slim, The Chemical Brothers, Aphex Twin, Orbital, and Squarepusher at the time. All these albums opened my mind as well. All I used to listen to was metal 24/7 and these helped me broaden my horizon. Favorite tracks off this album are “Busy Child,” “Comin’ Back,” and “She’s My Pusher.” 

Van Halen — Van Halen
I mean, who doesn’t love this album? Being a guitarist I one day wished I could play like Eddie. But guess what? I can’t. But overall, it’s a GREAT album. I will admit though, I am a fan of Van Halen and Van Hagar. It all depends what mood I am in. Whether I want to headbang so hard I smash my head on the steering wheel (David Lee Roth) or just sit back and relax (Sammy Hagar). Favorite tracks off this one are “I’m the One,” “Atomic Punk,”, and “Ice Cream Man.” 

The Empire Shall Fall — Awaken
An album hasn’t “changed” me in a long time. I’m now 26, and not as influential as I used to be. However, from start to finish, this album has so much passion. From Jesse’s amazing vocals, to Jake, Marcus, and Nick playing amazing riffs, to Jeff complimenting 5/4 and other time signatures with ease and still having groove. This CD has not left the CD player in my car since it came out. Wow, 3 years now? Amazing. Favorite tracks off this album are “Our Own,” “Voices Forming Weapons,” and “These Colors Bleed.” 

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