Guest Column: Five Albums That Will Change Your Life By NervoChaos

Here’s five albums you should get to know if you’ve never heard them before



A long time ago, we asked a bunch of bands to submit columns on the following topic: Five Albums That Will Change Your Life. Today, we bring you an entry provided by the members of NervoChaos.

Sepultura’s Schizophrenia
It’s the band’s second full length studio allbum and it’s the first album with Andreas Kisser on the band. It’s more towards the Thrash Metal genre. Recorded in 1987 it has more traditional Heavy Metal and a more melodic style then their previous release which was more into Death Metal. It features two instrumental songs and “To The Wall” has lyrics by Vladimir Korg of Chakal. This album got them signed by Roadrunner and in my opinion is a classic of the genre.  

Slayer’s Reign in Blood
It’s the band’s third studio album and the first collaboration with record producer Rick Rubin. Recorded in 1986, for me, still the heaviest album of all. This album defines the sound of the emerging US Thrash Metal scene in the 80s and remains influential until today. It’s genre-definer, the heaviest album of all time with lyrically outlining the horrors to come while musically lays the groundwork for the the rest of record. Fast, lean and filthy. It set the standards for dozens of emerging bands worldwide.


Krisiun’s Black Force Domain  
It’s the band’s debut full length album, recorded in 1995. This is a brutal album filled with blast beats, death growls, whirlwind solos and thrashing riffs. for sure one of the most intense music ever to call the Death Metal genre it’s home. This is an absolutely essential album in the collection of all Death Metal fanatics. Not a single breakdown can be found anywhere on the album. Brutal and relentless.


Sarcofago’s INRI
It’s the band’s debut full length album, recorded in 1987 and it influenced Black Metal circles worldwide, particularly the Scandinavian scene. The band aimed to make the most aggressive music ever mixing early musical blueprints of extreme Metal (Celtic Frost, Bathory, Slayer) and Finnish hard core. It has extensive use of blast beats, considered a pioneer in the Metal world. For sure amongst the ten great Black Metal albums of all time, it’s an album that you buy or die. 

Ratos de Porao’s Brasil
It’s the band’s fourth album and it was released in 1989. This masterpiece was recorded in Berlin by Harris Johns and it can be considered as a true crossover album, mixing hard core and Metal. It’s available with lyrics in Portuguese and in English. This album for sure was the passport to the world scene and definitively made RDP one of the pioneers of the crossover style worldwide.   

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