Guest Column: Five Albums That Will Change Your Life By Sybreed’s Drop

Guest Column

In our ongoing series of guest columns, we’ve asked a bunch of metal’s heaviest hitters to provide us with a list of five crucial albums they think will change you — either for the better or the worse. Today, we hear from Sybreed’s Drop.

Metallica — The Black Album
I have been listening to heavy metal before knowing this album, but I will always remember when my father came back home with it. I was laying in the sofa, a 7-year-old child, and he came and played that CD in the stereo. What I heard literally made me feel something I’ve always wanted to feel, like a first orgasm. It was the first album I really felt was “mine,” if you see what I mean. Now I don’t listen to it anymore, but when I hear one of the songs in a bar or somewhere, it always reminds me of really good memories.

Pantera — Vulgar Display of Power
I remember buying this record in a Spanish store after my father (yeah — him again) told me that I have to check out this band. I first thought their name was really funny, but my father always had good taste in music so I trusted him. And holy shit, what a punch in the face the first song “Mouth For War” gave me! I was really into the guitar, and Dimebag has been a huuuuuge influence for me since this day. I still think nowadays NOBODY is able to create these “first class guitar riffs” this guy brought to the metal scene. Respect!

Depeche Mode — Songs of Faith and Devotion
This is my favorite Depeche Mode album. Even if not every song is perfect, it contains some of my favorite songs of all time — mainly the track “In Your Room” which contains some of the best melodies I’ve ever heard. The production is also fucking huge, for a 1993 album, and it’s still young nowadays. I remember seeing them live on this album with my parents, a long time ago; this was the first “big” concert and I remember it very well. I still listen to this album really often, as well as their other albums, but this one has a really special place for me.

Samael — Passage
Wow! Samael, a Swiss band that I knew back in 1996 with their album Passage. I heard the song “My Saviour” on a sampler from a magazine and I immediately went into a CD shop to buy this masterpiece. I first thought they were a famous American band. I was talking with a friend in a CD shop in Sion, a little city in the middle of Switzerland, and the guy told me “Yeah I know personally the Samael guys, and moreover they are from here!” Dammit, for a teenager like me it was like hearing Santa was real! Then I met the guys, and we became friends. Since then, we have toured with them once and sometimes we share the stage in Switzerland and elsewhere. Also, their bass player Masmiseîm is Sybreed’s light engineer during some of our live shows.

In Flames — The Jester Race
This album opened my mind to the fact that you can have guitar solos that don’t sound cheesy, and moreover, you can have guitar solos that make a melody even when it’s not the solo part; don’t know if this is clear. In Flames brought to me this ultra mellow catchy side. It is Swedish melodic death metal at it’s best. My music tastes changed a lot as soon as I discovered this album. This made me start digging bands like Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, and Soilwork, just to name a few.

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