Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know About But Should By Flourishing’s Garett Bussanick

Guest Column

You folks seemed to enjoy our last series of guest columns on five life-changing albums so much, we decided to reach out to our various friends in the metal world, asking that they write columns on a new topic.

That topic? Three Bands You May Not Know About But Should, with a brief description of what makes each band worthy of your attention. Today, we continue with this ongoing series with this entry, written by Garett Bussanick of Flourishing.

Righteous Pigs
Mitch Harris’s band before he joined Napalm Death. I must say, as probably the most motivational Grindcore/HC ever recorded, this is the blueprint for music with drive. Two records: 89′s Live and Learn and 90′s Stress Related. Which album do I prefer? I have committed much drunken violence to the tune of “Stress Related,” for I cannot help it. Best served with alcohol, I ask you to just try and not disturb your neighbor’s peaceful evening while listening. It turns out they’re playing a reunion show at Maryland Death Fest next year. As I’m sure the venue serves alcohol, I apologize in advance. There is character, songwriting, riffs, and unending drive to be found here. And in closing, Righteous Pigs is perhaps Flourishing’s biggest influence.

With Neurosis as revered as they are, I’m always amazed no one talks about Mindrot. Not that these bands operated on identical wavelengths, nor did Mindrot last nearly as long as Neurosis has, but there were indeed parallels; both had crust/punk beginnings as I understand it, and later transformed into something slower and more expansive. I will now justify my amazement by saying they transformed into something, let’s call it, “special” around the same time. But Neurosis has won the history lesson/acclaim. Yeah, I think they were first, but just by a couple of years I believe. Anyway, describing Mindrot’s ’95 album and my personal fav, Dawning, is perhaps the most difficult part of this entire writing exercise. Think mournful Doom mixed with a Goth sensibility and hints of Death Metal, all of the most haunting caliber. The Death Metal is mostly in the vocals, when the singer isn’t treating the listener to his gothic wails and doomed-out croons. 

Swamp Gas
Proper, and let me emphasize proper, Grindcore from Florida. As our beloved term Grindcore has been misused terribly by googols of lesser bands and unknowing music enthusiasts over, say, the last dozen years or so, this long-running band has been doing it right since the mid-90′s. With several demos, such as the legendary Marsh Tango, floating about since around their inception, they have finally bestowed upon the earth their first full length. Released earlier this year (although it was recorded maybe in 2010 or so) and entitled Operation Frantic, it is full of actual Grindcore a la Terrorizer and Righteous Pigs (the album contains a cover of “Fly The Friendly Skies”!). No strangers to the almighty slide riff, these guys have perfected the art. If the world wasn’t such a cruel and heartless place, there’d be a Swamp Gas/Flourishing tour.

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