Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know About But Should By Psychostick’s Alex ‘Shmalex’ Dontre

Guest Column

You folks seemed to enjoy our last series of guest columns on five life-changing albums so much, we decided to reach out to our various friends in the metal world, asking that they write columns on a new topic.

That topic? Three Bands You May Not Know About But Should, with a brief description of what makes each band worthy of your attention. Today, we continue with this ongoing series with our second entry, written by Psychostick drummer Alex ‘Shmalex’ Dontre.

Ready for some weirdo space rock? Orbs is a super-group of sorts, composed of members of Fear Before, Between the Buried and Me, Abigail Williams, Torch Runner, and even Cradle of Filth! Quite a variety, and they don’t really sound much like any of those bands. In fact, one track even tops the 14-minute mark. It’s a bizarre mix of musicians, but they pull it off perfectly. Recently, I read that they are working on a new album, so that should be interesting, and hopefully just as challenging as the first.

I give you, Bayonet. Another super-group, I suppose. This time though, it’s from bands like the Banner, Senses Fail, Suburban Scum, and Fit For An Autopsy. This band is pretty much the exact opposite of Orbs, and I love their self-titled EP in a very different way. The LONGEST song here is a mere 2:55, which is much closer to what I’m used to. It’s fast, pissed off, and has the occasional singing parts interwoven throughout. I was a little thrown off by that at first, but it is executed very well. Everything fits within the songs, and lyrically…these songs are scathing. It’s not about murdering a thousand people with a broadsword or anything, but it’s pretty badass, regardless.

Bone Dance
Bone Dance is a group that I found per the recommendation of another band on Facebook! See, I knew Facebook was good for something. These guys are relatively new, as I understand it, and they are doing really well for themselves. They released their first full-length recently, which I was forced to buy as mp3s for some reason. Apparently, they just signed on with Deathwish, but they are only putting it out on vinyl. Oh, Idahoians. Anyway, this album is relentless. The heavy songs are crushing, and the slower tracks are anything but filler. It’s ferocious, technical, and absolutely enjoyable, as long as you are a really pissed off individual.

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