Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Caveman Voicebox’s Graham TheftOtto

Guest Column

We’ve reached out to our metal and hard rock brethren across the land, asking that they contribute prose to our recent series of guest columns. We ran a recent series on Five Albums That Will Change You, and the response was overwhelming.

The new topic is Three Bands You May Not Know About But Should, and we asked that each guest writer jot down a brief description of what makes each band worthy of our attention. Today, we are excited to continue this ongoing series with an entry from Caveman Voicebox’s Graham TheftOtto.

Behold! The Monolith
We’ve played with these guys a couple of times but what amazed me was…it’s a trio! Only three guys can make that much of a sound? Their latest record, Defender Redeemist, makes you wonder why they haven’t gotten to the High On Fire beginning level yet. Brutal vocals with guitars for miles and tank machine-like drums make these guys a force in the L.A. area and, really, should be more on a statewide or national level.

The Fucking Wrath
Saw these guys, not knowing who they were, open up for Indian in L.A. What I saw was a riffy-guitar sound that brought out some aggressive vocals and a bass player (imagine Animal from “The Muppets” with a bass) that laid it down to nearly make the girls dance. It grooved while being heavy, on the verge of chaotic and not letting up. I brought myself to the front of the stage right away and that experience made it even better. The very next night, their album, Valley Of The Serpent’s Soul, was on my list.

Imagine a bar getting ready for a band between sets and then the riffs start…and they’re aliens? These guys ripped through the West Coast for a brief tour and killed it with their space alien suits, stoner-blues riffs and almost soul-funky style vocal. Again, another three-piece with little guitar solos in their set, which was different for a stoner-rock sound. We, immediately, bought an album and shirt like we had seen KISS in fifth grade. The album, The Abraxis Tactics: Phase 1 — Kiss Of The Magnetar has to be on your playlists and bought.

Welcome To Tartarus by Planetoid

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