Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Purify The Horror’s Lord Pig

Guest Column

We’ve reached out to our metal and hard rock brethren across the land, asking that they contribute prose to our recent series of guest columns. We ran a recent series on Five Albums That Will Change You, and the response was overwhelming.

The new topic is Three Bands You May Not Know About But Should, and we asked that each guest writer jot down a brief description of what makes each band worthy of our attention. Today, we are excited to continue this ongoing series with an entry written by Purify The Horror‘s Lord Pig.

Dragged Into Sunlight
Dragged Into Sunlight have been growing considerably over the last year but I still think they deserve a hell of a lot more recognition.

Having caught them on their recent U.K. tour, I was genuinely astounded at the viciousness and atmosphere they managed to convey throughout the entirety of their live performance. Though their latest release Widowmaker is a lot more mellowed than their debut Hatred For Mankind it has received widespread critical acclaim and remains a brave push in a new direction.

If you are a fan of underground music (whether it be black metal or sludge), then these guys are definitely worthy of your time. So I suggest you get out of the house, stop looking at the computer screen, get a girlfriend, do something with your shit life — and listen to DIS!!

Rex Shachath
These Irish monsters spew forth a litany of death metal madness whilst gleefully upholding the brutality typically associated with the genre. The varied nature of their music attracted me as they actually base their music on groove and rhythm rather than vicariously dumping blast-beats all over a record and then wondering why it lacks a punch (like a host of modern bands tend to do).

The debut record blew me away and unfortunately, this is their only release at the minute but if Facebook updates are anything to by then they will be returning with a follow up sometime next year.

Today The Sun Dies
A brutal death metal act from Newcastle. Despite being northerners, these boys really hit the nail on the head when it comes to modern Death Metal. With the old crop of bands such as Job For A Cowboy and Annotations of an Autopsy all dying off, they have shown dedication and vigour for a genre which seems to have past its prime and fallen out of favour with the metal community.

They seem to be locked in a battle with the powers that be and are living proof that the sonic revolution of brutality and slam which occurred in 2008/2009 is merely waiting to recur.

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