Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Valdrin’s Carter Hicks

These classic bands are heavy as fuck, and deserve your attention



By now, you should know the drill.

We’ve been having musicians from across metal’s grand spectrum pen brief guest columns for us on a number of engaging topics: must-read books, must-see films, and bands you may not know but absolutely should.

Today’s column was written by Valdrin vocalist and guitarist Carter Hicks.

The Chasm
One of the most unique and masterful death metal bands to hail from Mexico in the early ’90s. I discovered this band with our old guitarist Avik about two years ago while up at 4:00 am after a night of heavy drinking. We sat down and listened to the entire first album Procreation Of The Inner Temple and had our jaws dropped the whole time.

This is one of the most underrated bands in the entire metal underground. Though some people are more familiar with their later work, it is the earlier work that captivated the other members of the band and myself. The first three records of this band are filled with some of the weirdest most beautifully disgusting melodies/chords. We ate that shit up — and still do!

Sometimes musicians get tired of hearing the same chord choices and melodic phrases (i.e.; harmonic minor in the metal genre) and sometimes you need to discover an ancient, godly band like this that rejuvenates your parched musical senses. Hail this band! Every album they’ve done is godly, but I recommend the first three above all, even if you cant get past the low budget recording. Latin American death/black metal bands always know how to bring the raw evil/occult feeling to the fullest.

Anybody else ever heard that one decent Sabbat (U.K.) band? Yeah me neither….the one and true Sabbat will always be Sabbat from Japan!

This band has been a consistent influence in my journey as a musician since I was a young thrasher teen. They are among the first wave of black metal bands in the ’80s and they managed to put out some of the best black/thrash full length albums in the early ’90s. Evoke in particular is one of my all time favorite albums. This band embodies everything a heavy metal band should be. They’ve almost always released their own material through bassist/vocalist Gezol’s Evil Records.

They’ve pretty much done everything for themselves since day one, and every record they’ve created gives you what you are craving for, a solid metal album with twists and turns that never leave you bored or wanting more. This band understands the formula, and they’ve put out nothing but great metal in the old school way since their inception. I’ve always felt this band does not get the credit they deserve, as well as many of the other Japanese black metal bands. Maybe we need to stop sleeping on our eastern brothers and their mighty achievements in keeping the true metal flame burning! Did I mention they have some sick guitar solos?

Check out “Total Necro” if you don’t believe me! Hails to the land of the rising sun!

Order From Chaos
Ahhh……where do I begin on this band? Well to start, id say along with Morbid Angel, Slayer, and Possessed, Order From Chaos are among the greatest heavy metal bands the U.S.A. has to offer. I consider them to be the ultimate cult band. They completely forged their own sound and pathway through the convoluted mess of the death metal and black metal trends of the early ’90s. This band sticks out amongst all the cattle, they are neither black, death, or thrash (though many want to lump them into the bestial war metal category…too limiting in my eyes.)

This band has a sound all of their own. Many people can be put off by the slightly lacking production quality, but to me that makes the music all the more ominous and exciting. It took me a while to understand the guitar riffs but once I did…..there was no going back.

The songs are constructed brilliantly with creative twists and turns that never seem to dull the overwhelming sense of militant pulverization, sonically equivalent to a Tiger Tank blazing through battle. On top of this they have perhaps the most intellectually evolved and totally relevant lyrics of any metal band.

Them, along with Morbid Angel, embody the “will to power” essence of Friedrich Nietzsche’s work while exploring the spiritual realm of the occult, only to the point where it is a useful tool to evolve to a higher plain of consciousness and not just some useless satanic gimmick. Check out lyrics to songs such as “The Edge of Forever” and “Iconoclasm Conquest” if you want to give your mind some much need nutrition. Everything that this trio produced is pure gold in my eyes. With Chuck Keller’s innovative guitar attack, Mike Miller’s militant, bombastic drumming and Pete Helmkamp’s mighty triumphant vocals…I’d say this band are one the best.

There seems to be a resurgence of interest in this band (maybe it was never lost…?) Nuclear War Now Productions is gearing up to release a box set of everything you could want from OFC….I know ill be getting it, you should to!

Support the great innovators of the past, learn from them and make your own sound. This is a much needed concept in this stagnant landscape of modern music.

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