Guest Column: Three Bands You May Not Know But Should By Winterfylleth’s Chris Naughton

Guest Column

We’ve reached out to our metal brethren across the land, asking that they contribute prose to our recent series of guest columns. We ran a recent series on Five Albums That Will Change You, and the response was overwhelming.

The new topic is Three Bands You May Not Know About But Should, and we asked that each guest writer jot down a brief description of what makes each band worthy of our attention. Today, we continue this ongoing series with an entry written by Chris Naughton of Winterfylleth.

Cnoc An Tursa
Having met and played with these guys — when Winterfylleth first did a tour of Scotland in 2008 — we quickly became friends and did some more extensive touring in the years after. The band really struck a chord with us due to their passionate, virulent and Scottish influenced sound; one that I find quite unique to them. We knew they had to be heard by other people, so we introduced the band to Candlelight after the completion their debut album The Giants of Auld (who they recorded with producer Chris Fielding) and now they have it lined up for a February 2013 release in UK/EU. Keep an eye out for this!

Rattenfänger (Ukraine) – Death Metal
Having been a huge fan of bands like Drudkh, Hate Forest and Dark Ages for many years, I became in touch with their creative mastermind — Roman Sayenko — a number of years ago through our contacts at Candlelight (who also release his Blood of Kingu project). We became good friends and began trading music/merch/demos with one another. About 6-7 months ago Roman sent me a demo for his new death metal band, Rattenfänger. I have to say I was totally blown away. It has the intensity and punishing sound of bands like Bolt Thrower and Hail of Bullets, but also a rawness akin to bands like Necros Christos or Sonne Adam. It’s clear he’s a fan of ‘proper’ old school death metal and has no time for beat downs or slams. What you get on their album is nothing short of a masterpiece. Check it out, it has a really memorable title… Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum.

These guys were a relatively recent blip on my radar, having only come across them at this summer’s Graspop Metal Meeting festival in Belgium. The band was playing before us on the same day at the event and brought an enormous crowd along with them. We stood and watched the band from the side of the stage and were totally blown away by what they had to offer. They were so in your face, passionate and on top of their game that you couldn’t help but be sucked into what they were doing. They play a type of black metal similar to bands like Dimmu Borgir, but with a sound that very much reflects themselves as well. They recently put out their second album Ritu on Code666 records. I would suggest a listen to this, as I found them to be a really exciting prospect this summer.

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