Guest Column: Three Films You Need To See By MRTVI’s Damjan Stefanovic

Need something new to feast your eyes on? Here’s three flicks you should consider checking out



After Dustin Boltjes of Skeletonwitch contributed a column on must-see horror flicks, we decided to open the topic up to the members of other bands. Why? Well, in addition to loving music and literature, we’re huge movie buffs and feel maybe your life could similarly benefit from a big screen broadening.

So here for you now is a new column written by MRTVI mastermind Damjan Stefanovic.

Enter The Void
The whole day after watching this for the first time I felt like I was tripping! The first person view is done really well and draws you right in. The metaphysical/philosophical theme is really strong, the space between lives, reincarnation etc. The atmosphere is really dark, everyone’s a prostitute or gangster or generally just negative. I remember saying to a friend at the time, this is a really black metal film!

All of Andrei Tarkovsky’s films are beautiful without exception. This one deals with 3 guys going into a fenced, guarded zone, to find a room that can realise your deepest wish, if you can even put it into words. As with all his films the characters talk about life, art, death, belief, purpose etc. It’s nice and slow too, you really get to walk through the film with these people, and through their conversation you can hear a little bit of yourself.

The ultimate dystopian film from Fritz Lang. What else to say? The story maybe comes second to the sheer spectacle of it, but it certainly gets the point across. I think something has been lost of the silent era, the purely visual medium has a lot to offer, and like the previous two films I mentioned, this one is a real treat for the eyes. It really stands the test of time too, the idea of a slave-like existence bound to work resonates today as much as it ever did.

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