Guest Column: Three Movies You Need To See By Deconstructing Sequence

Deconstructing SequenceDeconstructing Sequence

Deconstructing Sequence

After Dustin Boltjes of Skeletonwitch — our newest writer — contributed a column on must-see horror flicks, we decided to open the topic up to the members of other bands. Why? Well, in addition to music and literature, we’re huge movie buffs and feel maybe your life could benefit from a big screen broadening.

So here for you now is a new column from the members of Deconstructing Sequence.

2001: A Space Odyssey
A haunting and mesmerizing classic of the sci-fi genre that changed my perception of movies forever! I remember watching it for the first time as a kid. It was my first encounter with this kind of avant-garde approach; not your regular lasers, robots and explosions kind of sci-fi experience. Everything about this movie was so cold, sterile and static it made me fell anxious; I remained tense through the entire piece. And after the final, ten-minute long scene of Bowman exploring the Monolith in a series of surreal and hypnotic images, I realized that lasers and robots suck and this is my kind of cinema!

Brilliant approach on what M. Night Shyamalan pretty much fucked up in “Signs.” End of the world from the perspective of regular (although bloody rich) people struggling with problems of their own, let alone a planet that speeds dangerously close to Earth with the potential of wiping out entire life. If you like Lars Von Trier’s previous works, or you are keen on a non-standard approach to storytelling, you’ll love this one to.

Another Earth
Very interesting piece that uses a sci-fi concept merely to tell a story of personal struggle of a girl with great ambitions, who stupidly destroys her life in a brink of a second. A story of redemption of one’s self that was a great inspiration for our first EP Year One. Again, no lasers, robots or explosions; you would rather prefer to focus during this one and relax.

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