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After Dustin Boltjes of Skeletonwitch contributed a column on must-see horror flicks, we decided to open the topic up to the members of other bands. Why? Well, in addition to loving music and literature, we’re huge movie buffs and feel maybe your life could similarly benefit from a big screen broadening.

So here for you now is a new column written by bassist Lee Lavy and drummer Roee Kahana of Shredhead; the band just released its second album.

For this section, I (Lee Lavy) chose something different, because I know that most people who really like movies have already watched all the movies I thought about. So what about…anime?

Japanese animation can be really crazy, especially for their concepts.
You should stop reading this right now and continue after you watch Akira. A bit old, but a classic anime movie.

It’s a hardcore bikers movie, about a gang that doesn’t give a shit; they’re young, furious and coursing in Japanese. The movie tells about Neo-Tokyo, a cyberpunk post apocalyptic city built on the ruins of Tokyo after World War III, where we meet Kaneda, the leader of the Capsules gang, trying stop his best friend Tetsuo, who acquires psychic capabilities and goes on a violent rampage through the movie.

It’s a sad story but also very inspiring and combines awesome animation with tons of blood. Those Japanese are absolutely crazy.

Silence Of The Lambs
This movie was one of the first real “horror” flicks — if I (Roee Kahana) can even call it a horror flick — I saw that had a deep plot and a dark but real feel to it.

With gore scenes that border on art and the amazing dialogues and intricate relationships between the characters, the movie still holds you in a nerve-wrecking choke for the entire time.

Simply awesome and definitely a must see!

From Dusk Till Dawn
If you haven’t seen this masterpiece by Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino, you should be ashamed of yourself.

This movie has THE best twist I (Lee Lavy) have ever seen. It all starts with two brothers robbing a bank and escaping to Mexico by taking a family as hostages and hiding in their RV while they pass the border.

They go to a strip club that seems to be normal, but then, when no one expects it, the bartender, stripper, band and all of the other workers transform. It’s a vampire’s nest and the newcomers are now the anticipated meal.

It’s brilliant.

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