Gun Shy Assassin Presents Adler Chatter With Chris Adler

Adler Chatter with Chris Adler

Gun Shy Assassin is humbled to be able to bring you an ongoing string of casual, off-the-cuff interviews with the very talented Chris Adler, drummer for the one and only Lamb of God. Chris will be checking in with Gun Shy Assassin from time to time with updates on what’s going on in his world, and will occasionally answer some topical and ridiculous questions from me. Without further explanation, here is a Gun Shy Assassin Exclusive: the sixth installment of Adler Chatter with Chris Adler.

When I was a kid, I grew up wanting to be a director. I wanted to shoot films people would love and want to watch over and over again. Somewhere along the way, I shifted gears. I never became a director, and instead, ventured off into the ever-so-stable world of writing…after getting a degree in psychology. This has nothing to do with Chris Adler.

But like me, Chris Adler went to college and learned a trade that he no longer engages in these days. But before Lamb of God took off, Chris worked a real job like the rest of us. I had to ask Chris…did he ever want to be anything other than a musician?

“I was the epitome of the lazy kid,” Adler tells Gun Shy Assassin from Virginia, where his band is working full-time on a new record. “I came to college and majored in broadcasting and the only reason why I even came up with that was I watched college football with my dad, and I’d see these big, overgrown dolts running around the field and their major was always communications.”

I laugh.

“I was thinking, ‘Man, that’s gotta be the easiest one. I liked radio, and kind of got into radio for a while and I majored in broadcasting but at the same time, I didn’t have the same frustrations that a lot of my friends did with computers. So I was taking computer language classes and stuff like that.”

When Adler graduated, he ended up working in IT. “I quit in 2005 after Ashes of the Wake blew up on us,” Chris starts. “I was full time until then, and became the director of IT at the college here. I got certified, and I was tenured as an IT guy.”

Amazing. Not only can the dude play the shit out of the drums, he could fix your computer for you too.

Next, I ask Chris about a television show I love. I wanted to see if he had seen “Breaking Bad” on AMC yet, because if not, I was going to recommend that he get into it. But someone from Gwar told him a while back about the show, about a family man and chemistry teacher who becomes the most sought-after meth producer in New Mexico.

“I have it — it’s one of my absolute favorite shows,” Chris tells me. “My buddy Brad [Roberts] from Gwar [also known as JiZMak Da Gusha] turned me on to it and after I watched the first 30 seconds of the pilot, you’re just like, ‘What the fuck?’ It’s the best thing ever. I absolutely love that show.”

Watch the pilot’s opening here:

“I’m not sure if it’s my age or the time available to me, but Brad recommended ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Mad Men.’ I haven’t gotten into ‘Mad Men’ yet but ‘Breaking Bad’ definitely caught my attention right away.”

So be like these two Chrises and watch “Breaking Bad.” You will like it.

Chris Adler is the drummer for Grammy-nominated metal band Lamb of God and the author of the book “The Making of Lamb of God’s New American Gospel,” a comprehensive behind-the-scenes narrative book detailing the early days of Lamb of God and the writing and recording of their New American Gospel LP. Anything else you need to know about Chris Adler, you can find at his web site,

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