Gun Shy Assassin Presents Adler Chatter With Chris Adler

Adler Chatter with Chris Adler

We’re less than a week away from the release of Lamb of God’s new album, and now, have amassed more than a year of Adler Chatters. What an opportunity! We are lucky to have a pal like Chris, because for the last year, we’ve been able to chronicle — in some small way — the making of Resolution, an album you all need to go buy on Tuesday. Now, the journey continues with another installment — an exclusive you will only read here at Gun Shy Assassin

It’s 2012, people — and in case you were wondering, Chris Adler had an awesome holiday. Santa Clause was more than generous to his daughter, and the drummer for Lamb of God — also a devoted family man — is counting the precious minutes between now and Sunday.

What’s Sunday? The first gig. The domino that starts the madness that will be two years of touring in support of Resolution.

“Every second is pretty valuable and its tough knowing, as my head gets further and further along and preparations for leaving, it’s kind of already feeling like I’m starting to distance myself,” Adler says honestly. “It’s tough, especially after being home for the year, and even writing and recording a lot of the album in Virginia, we really got to become real people again, settle down, and reacquaint ourselves with the things we had forgotten about.

“It’s tough. I know what’s coming and I know how hard it is, and its not going to get any easier,” Adler says. “But its the best job in the world and I can’t complain.”

The hometown shows Sunday officially kicks off Lamb of God’s touring cycle, if you will, and the band had been spending much of this week rehearsing songs from Resolution.

“As of next Tuesday, we officially put our art out there,” says Chris, and then I ask him about rehearsals. We had spoken shortly after the first day.

His first reaction: Laughter.

“It was like when a water truck hits a vinegar truck,” he jokes. “It was actually pretty good. I expected a lot worse. There are some rough moments on the new songs, but we’re all kind of waking up to this new beast and we have to do it relatively quickly. The new songs sounded good, and the old ones came together really, really fast. I think we will spend the bulk of the rest of the week focusing on the new material, and trying to get as much of that up to speed as we can so that we have some alternates, because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

“As the record comes out, the songs people want to hear, and of course, we have our favorites, but that can’t necessarily dictate what we do in a live show, People wanna hear what they want to hear, so we kind of need to follow the trend with that. So we have to be up to snuff on enough of them so we can switch things out if things aren’t going the way we’re thinking they’re going to go.”

Chris Adler is the drummer for Grammy-nominated metal band Lamb of God and the author of the book “The Making of Lamb of God’s New American Gospel,” a comprehensive behind-the-scenes narrative book detailing the early days of Lamb of God and the writing and recording of their ‘New American Gospel’ LP. He has also released a new book that addresses the recording of ‘As The Palaces Burn.’ Anything else you need to know about Chris Adler, you can find at his web site,

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