Gun Shy Assassin Presents Adler Chatter With Chris Adler

Adler Chatter with Chris Adler

Our ongoing series of informal conversations with Chris Adler of Lamb of God continue today; enjoy!

There’s a very good reason why Sylosis will be one of the openers on Lamb of God’s upcoming fall tour: Chris Adler, drummer extraordinaire and pal of GSA, wanted them on the bill.

“They’re super good,” Adler enthused during a recent discussion with Gun Shy Assassin. “I have been the biggest fan of those guys for a really, really long time. I got their first record in 2008 and then Edge of the Earth…for me, that was like a step after …And Justice For All. It was like, ‘Holy shit — these guys get it!’”

Adler foresees “a big bright future” for Sylosis (whose new album is the tits), especially after new fans get to see them live this fall.

“I got them on the bill for a show we did in Ireland before hell broke loose in Europe, and they were amazing live,” Adler admitted. “It was the kind of show where it was like, ‘Oh my God — how are we going to go on after these guys?’ Luckily, at these other shows this fall, there are a few bands playing before us…to make us look better by the time we go on. Sylosis is really something to see.”

OK, I’m fucking sold. After hearing the new record, Monolith (in stores today), and now, this glowing endorsement from Chris, I need to see Sylosis live.

Adler is looking forward to this fall’s trek, especially after Lamb of God was forced to cancel its tour with Gojira and Dethklok this summer.

“I think it’s a pretty great metal tour, and we’re just feeling pretty lucky we’re able to get out on the road at all,” says Chris. Look here for why.

“It felt so good when we played those shows in Iowa and Wisconsin with Slipknot, and to know we have something coming up we can call our own…it’s very exciting, this tour,” Adler says. “It’ll be in our own backyard, on our terms, and with a renewed vitality to the project…but with a bit of uncertainty with where it’s going to go after that. We want to make the most of it.”

To those who bemoaned HellYeah’s addition to the bill, don’t blame Chris: “I fought pretty hard to get Sylosis on the tour, and after that, I let it go,” Adler explains. But he’s glad to have HellYeah coming along for the trip.

“They do have a slightly different audience than we have, and we’re always trying to make new fans,” Adler explains. “If we just signed up Lamb of God and Sylosis and two bands that sounded exactly like Lamb of God and Sylosis, we’re kind of just preaching to the converted. This way. we can get some different people in there, and try to kick ‘em in the head.”

Amen to that. Of course, the tour will keep Lamb of God busy for much of the fall, and in truth, is the band’s first full U.S. tour since the release of Resolution some nine months ago. I had to ask Chris whether the band’s been inspired by Randy’s whole situation, and whether we could expect new, venomous tunes soon.

The answer is complicated.

Since the day Randy was arrested, Chris admits he has “been listening to a lot of old death metal records, and really getting into that stuff more and more…lots of Decapitated.”

He hasn’t really been writing, though. His brother, Willie Adler, “has a lot of stuff written, and Mark [Morton] has stuff written. We all want to get together and write. But we feel like we just put out this album in January and everything got shut down way prematurely.

“We feel Resolution is a really good record, and we don’t want to overshadow it by jumping in and doing something else,” Chris explains. “We may end up going into the studio sooner than later, depending on what happens with the situation…which is still very fluid. For now, we’re expected to begin this tour in November, and really start pushing this record we haven’t had a chance to promote properly.”

Chris Adler is the drummer for Grammy-nominated metal band Lamb of God and the author of the book “The Making of Lamb of God’s New American Gospel,” a comprehensive behind-the-scenes narrative book detailing the early days of Lamb of God and the writing and recording of their ‘New American Gospel’ LP. He has also released a new book that addresses the recording of ‘As The Palaces Burn.’ Anything else you need to know about Chris Adler, you can find at his web site,

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