Gun Shy Assassin Presents Adler Chatter With Chris Adler

Adler Chatter

We’re not sure how he’s managed to stay so humble, being in one of metal’s biggest bands, but somehow, Chris Adler is. Humble, grateful, and above all, a crazy cool cat. We recently caught up with the Lamb of God drummer after several months of radio silence, and he’s been busy…both with his main band and some side work.

Some weeks back, Chris Adler was not in Richmond, Virginia, with his family. Nope, he was somewhere else in the world, working as a hired gun for an undisclosed band.

But where in the world, Adler won’t say. It’s not for him to; he was hired for another band’s project and so, it is up to that group to make the announcement.

“The band is going to announce it at some point in the very near future,” says Chris during our most recent conversation. “I will tell you that it snowed every day while I was there. It was a bit daunting, because I was really by myself, in a place where I had no friends. The band was very much in a bit of turmoil working out the material themselves, and it all kind of came to a head when I arrived to begin the process.”

Adler says it was a bit “lonely” for him, being away from the family and his bandmates, in an unfamiliar land of strangers.

“Especially because it’s not my band and it is not my baby, it was very difficult to be away from my wife and child,” Adler says.

It was also mentally draining on him, knowing that once the tracks were done, he would be removing himself from the rest of the process — not something he’s ever done before with Lamb of God.

But “physically, it was the kind of gig I’ve always wanted to do; I got to push myself in a much more progressive direction that what Lamb usually does, and I don’t think I will need to bring that back into Lamb, but it’s good to know at the end of it that I can pull it off.

According to Adler, “up until now, it’s certainly been the hardest material that I’ve ever had to learn and play.”

That’s kind of crazy he could even quantify that, but when Chris talks like this, it gets me psyched for his work.

“Basically, I play drums on the entire album for a band we all know and love,” Chris explains.

Of course, he wouldn’t discuss the project much further than that, but reiterated an announcement from the band itself is imminent.

“I’m excited about this project,” he added. “It’s my first real session gig, where it wasn’t my band and they weren’t my songs. I made the most of it, and injected some of me into their stuff. I’m pretty excited about it and they are too.”

I can not wait to find out who the band is, and beyond that, can not wait to hear that band’s new album. You know it’s going to be awesome if Adler was involved. That goes without saying.

Anyone wanna wager a guess at who the band might be?

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