GunShyAssassin Presents The Top 25 Album Closers: #10 To #6


You might remember (you should remember) our Top 25 Album Openers list we did a couple of months ago.

The time has come for a counterpart list, which, of course, is the Top 25 Album Closers! As with the first time around, a 30-second outro does not a totally awesome song make. Oh, and only one song per band. That’s the rules.

Today, we continue the list with #10 through #6.

10. Ozzy Osbourne, “Waiting for Darkness”

God damnit, nobody ever talks about how awesome Jake E. Lee was with Ozzy. He made the Top 25 Album Openers list with “Bark at the Moon” and comes in strong here with the closer to that album, “Waiting for Darkness.” The opening riff is one of the best riffs in the entire Ozzy catalog. The guitar slides in the verse let the bass take the main role for providing the rhythm and frees up Jake to texture everything and create the atmosphere. The way the solo and orchestral elements lead back into that main riff is beautiful.

9. Dio, “Shame on the Night”

Holy Diver is heavy metal holy writ. The album saw Ronnie James Dio pull the unthinkable hat trick in fronting his third major band that has now stood the test of time. The entire album is flawless, capped off by the barren “Shame on the Night.” The wolf’s howl opens the song and a bluesy little diddy comes in before the Black Sabbath-like chords overtake the song. The barren song gives the sense of finality and lets Dio’s voice truly shine, as if it hadn’t already dazzled everyone with the previous eight songs.

8. Symphony X, “The Odyssey”

“The Odyssey” is a ridiculously epic song — “epic” being a word I like to use rather sparingly. The 24-minute song is thematically divided into seven parts. The beginning of the song sounds like a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Disney Land before the darker overtones come in. Now it sounds like a dramatic part of a Disney movie. Seriously, Symphony X should write a new soundtrack to Fantasia. The song covers the story of The Odyssey set to dynamic and progressive music with the narrative painted by Russell Allen’s voice. This thing is just absurd.

7. Rainbow, “Light in the Black”

The first time I heard Rising I wasn’t sure how the fuck any song could possibly come after the best song in the history of forever: “Stargazer.” Rainbow had the balls to choose a song that wasn’t “Stargazer” to end their landmark sophomore album. “Light in the Black” is an uptempo monster that features some parts that sound like Nintendo lifted them for a Super Mario Bros. game. The song is relentless and extends the theme of “Stargazer” with Dio singing “I’m coming home!” over and over at the end of the jam.

6. Burzum, “Tomhet”

Hey! This isn’t metal! No, this song isn’t and I don’t give a shit. Varg had a knack for the synthesizer, composing this hypnotic tune that sounds out of place on an early ‘90s black metal album. What makes “Tomhet” so incredible is that it actually works incredibly well on Hvis Lyset Tar Oss. We’ve got plenty of other standard black metal songs from Burzum, but little as far as the majestic synthesizer work goes. The repetition is trance-enducing and displayed a new facet of Burzum’s music.

Tomorrow, the list concludes with the top picks, followed by an honorable mentions list. Who do you think should make the top 5?

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