GunShyAssassin Presents The Top 25 Album Closers: #20 To #16

From Mars To Sirius

You might remember (you should remember) our Top 25 Album Openers list we did a couple of months ago.

The time has come for a counterpart list, which, of course, is the Top 25 Album Closers! As with the first time around, a 30-second outro does not a totally awesome song make. Oh, and only one song per band. That’s the rules.

Today, we continue the list with #20 through #16.

20. Bathory, “Blood Fire Death”

The title track off of Quorthon’s leap into Viking territory marks the end of an album that is the beginning of a new era for Bathory. “Blood Fire Death” encapsulates the epitome of the album, with acoustic guitars opening the song to create the mystical, epic feel. Lead guitar squeals after the throaty scream from the legend, and the now familiar raw clean voice and backing choirs marry to create sonic perfection. Some of the older Bathory elements are present, but are far overshadowed by the new style that has been adopted.

19. Death, “The Philosopher”

As Chuck Schuldiner had now completely abandoned the morbid lyrics from the band’s beginnings, he was venturing into more thought-provoking territory. “The Philosopher” deals with a lot of moral dilemmas and is saved for the end of the album as food for thought for the listener once the sonic brutality was over. The chugging verse and chanted vocal patterns are some of the catchiest moments of any Death song at that point in time, foreshadowing what would become the next two records. It makes for one hell of a sing along too.

18. Skid Row, “Midnight/Tornado”

Skid Row get lumped into the glam scene when they really have more in common with the roots of the movement than the sound it came to be. The band bathes in sleaze, exuding an aura of well whiskey and top-shelf pussy. The swinging rhythm and axe slinger soloing on “Midnight/Tornado” come just in time after the power ballad “I Remember You.” Not content to end on a soft note, Skid Row go out with a bang, checking their attitude at the door and leaving a trail of used rubbers and cigarette butts behind them.

17. Gojira, “Global Warming”

In 2005, a little band from France obsessed with saving whales released an album of pure genius called From Mars To Sirius. For many fans, the album was their introduction to Gojira, even though it was their third LP. The disc ends with “Global Warming,” an intense, multi-layered tune with one of the coolest fucking riffs…it’s a powerhouse of a tune, with wild imagery; it posits humans were put here by aliens, and ends with the haunting line, chanted over and over again, “We will see/ Our children growing.”

16. Children of Bodom, “Kissing the Shadows”

This is a song that needs to get played live more often. The landmark release Follow the Reaper was written when Alexi Laiho and Janne Warman were fucking 21 years old. “Kissing the Shadows” is a shredfest through and through, putting an end to the fan favorite era and closing out one of the most bombastic metal releases of the new millennium. Move over Yngwie, some young alcoholics are calling your number. The last two minutes of the song consist of a solo battle between Alexi and Warman after they join forces on a neoclassical fill. How Warman plays all of those keys with one hand is a mystery. The last few notes are a cool nod to Iron Maiden as well.

Tomorrow, the list continues. Who do you think should make the top 15?

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