GunShyAssassin Presents The Top 25 Album Closers: #25 to #21

Possessed’s Seven Churches

You might remember (you should remember) our Top 25 Album Openers list we did a couple of months ago.

The time has come for a counterpart list, which is the Top 25 Album Closers! As with the first time around, a 30-second outro does not a totally awesome song make. Oh, and only one song per band. Sorry.

Today, we kick off the list with #25 through #21. Let the elitist bickering begin!

25. Pantera, “PST 88”

If I plucked a pube every time I’ve heard someone call Cowboys From Hell the first Pantera album, I’d be hairless as the day I was born. The stellar Power Metal was the debut album with Phil Anselmo and featured some killer cuts. This one closes out the album and is just for fun. Dimebag lends his voice to “PST 88” while churning out some nasty riffs. The “Pussy tight! To-night!” chants are the best, making this a favorite for a car full of men to blast with the windows down on the way to a big titty pool party.

24. Rotting Christ, “The Fourth Knight of Revelation”

Thy Mighty Contract is the debut album from Hellenic black metal outfit Rotting Christ and features a raw production with a warm guitar tone that contributes to the charm of the album. The Greeks took their approach to black metal in a different way than most, borrowing from traditional ‘80s metal riffing and putting their blackened twist on things. “The Fourth Knight of Revelation” highlights their ability to write mega riffs that won’t leave your head for weeks. This song plays out the album wonderfully, capping off one of the genre’s finest works.

23. Possessed, “Death Metal”

Many argue that Possessed were the first death metal band and paved the way for Death to leave their legacy. The main aspect that separates Seven Churches from something like Reign in Blood is the raspy vocals, among other things. Regardless of your stance, Possessed gave birth to the namesake of the genre with the closing track on the infamous debut album. It was an album that was almost unlike anything else at the time and though most people dubbed it thrash, this closer gave the last 35 minutes of what you had been listening to a name. If Venom can call themselves black metal, we can let Possessed have their way with this song.

22. Behemoth, “Chant for Eschaton 2000”

Satanica is one wicked album that saw Behemoth start to implement more death metal elements into their blackened sound. The album is sheer chaos and unrelenting in the extreme metal hybrid attack. “Chant for Eschaton” closes the album in a surprising manner that seems to lift the tension that was built over the course of the album. The simple lead is the motif of the song with double kick drums propelling guitars as if the music is drifting off to somewhere unknown. This jam is one of Behemoth’s live staples, showing it’s a solid way to end a show too.

21. Mercyful Fate, “Come to the Sabbath”

Everyone knows this one. If you don’t, the back of your band shirt probably has some stupid lines on it. King’s clean voice invites you to the end of the album, which is a journey through magic, the occult, and swearing an oath to The Horned One. The band was on a riffing spree and took notes from ‘70s Judas Priest and a bit of Led Zeppelin here to hoist the anchor on Don’t Break the Oath. The song sounds like something that didn’t come to full fruition on the debut album and was saved for the legendary sophomore effort.

Tomorrow, the list continues. Who do you think should make the top 20?

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