Hammer Fight Tour Blog: The Grand Finale

Tearing it up at the "Chug of War" CD release / homecoming show in Asbury Park, NJTearing it up at the "Chug of War" CD release / homecoming show in Asbury Park, NJ

Tearing it up at the “Chug of War” CD release / homecoming show in Asbury Park, NJ

New Jersey thrash rock outfit Hammer Fight are on tour, wasting heads and getting wasted along the way.

The band is keeping a road journal for us. Here now is the fourth installment; peep the first here, the second here, the third installment, here, and the fourth, over yonder.

Day 9 — Erie, PA

Daily Quote of the Day: “Yo, it really bums me out when I’m not tall enough to piss in the urinal.”

We wake up on a floor somewhere in Akron. Today is the shortest drive of the tour, so we’re in no rush to do anything. We see this as a good excuse to spend two hours at an Asian buffet. 

After we each gained about five pounds we make the short drive to Erie, Pennsylvania.  We’re way behind on our blog entries, so we find a Starbucks and mooch their WiFi and electricity for a few hours. If you spend enough time in one of these places, you will see some interesting characters.

We’ve never been to this town, so we don’t know what to expect, but it’s Friday, so we’re optimistic.  

We load in through a freezing, muddy parking lot and go through our drink tickets in a matter of minutes. 

We play last tonight, and there’s been this strange phenomenon happening every time we’ve played last on this tour; the whole crowd stayed to watch us. Rad! These guys even demanded an encore.

We managed not to completely butcher the S.O.D. cover we haven’t played in six months, and then the bar owner showered us in free beer and pizza. This was a good night.

Next, our new friend, Dickie, takes us to a party. After a few hours, the guys start fading. We have a long drive tomorrow, so I’ll just stay up and make good friends with the locals and wake these idiots up at 8 a.m.

Day 10 — Asbury Park, NJ

Daily Quote of the Day: “Dogs are into rape.”

Drew posing with a drunk dude vomiting outside the venueDrew posing with a drunk dude vomiting outside the venue

Drew posing with a drunk dude vomiting outside the venue

This is it, the last day. It’s almost 9 a.m. and it’s snowing. The GPS says its seven and a half hours to Asbury Park. Eleven hours later, I wake up in the back of the van, and we’re there.

About 30 minutes after being at the venue, the place starts to fill in, and, like, a lot. This place is fucking packed and it’s our CD release show. What the fuck is going on? This is getting cool.

We saw tons of good friends, the bill was stacked with some of our favorite bands, and we raged hard. We played our set to a completely packed room and it blew our minds. We couldn’t have ended things on a better note. 

We went back to our friend Bassy’s place for one last party. We got all bummed and sappy as our journey came to an end, and drank until we couldn’t feel feelings anymore.

I could go on to tell of the following day’s adventure where Todd and I both wake up missing our car keys, but I’ll save the rest of this to thank Gunshy Assassin for hosting this. Our sincere apologies for the time between blogs. 

This tour was most triumphant. The only bad thing about this tour was it was too short. I’ve heard guys bitch about touring before, but I’ll take ten hours in a van with these idiots over just about anything else anytime. OK, that’s it. We’re gonna go write a new record and book the next tour. Thanks guys.

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