Hammer Fight Tour Blog: Todd Stern Is A Bad Person

Overflowing bin at our rehearsal studio

New Jersey thrash rock outfit Hammer Fight — who can be heard here — are preparing for a road trip that kicks off November 14. They’ll be wasting heads and getting wasted along the way, and keeping a road journal for us. Here now is the first installment in their ongoing tour shenanigans; enjoy!

Daily Quote of the Day: “Don’t sink the ham”

Hi everybody! We’re Hammer Fight, a band from New Jersey, and we play Rock ‘n’ Roll or Metal or whatever.  My name’s Drew Murphy, I play bass and sing for the band.

With our new album and tour on the horizon, our fine friends at GunShyAssassin will be helping us share with you the filthy, drunken tales of our lives on the road.

So tonight we rehearsed…as a three piece.

Todd’s been out on the Death Angel tour slinging merch for the last month, so we’ll probably see him a few hours before the first show. I’m sure he’s getting in lots of guitar practice out there.

Drew enjoying a nice beverage

Anyway, as soon as I turned on my amp it decided to take a shit, and then we discovered that the lights on our trailer are broke. So, all in all things are pretty normal.

This was supposed to be the first of two tours we were doing over the next two months, but Monday afternoon we got a call that the month-long tour we were ready to do in December was canceled.

Since it was never even announced, we won’t get into anymore details about that trip, but whatever. Total bummer. On the bright side though, we get to save all the money we stashed away to cover our bills and eat a little more than your average homeless person while on tour.

Todd sloppy passed out drunk somewhere in Boston

We should be responsible and just save that money, but I know us. We’ll most likely end up blowing it all on heavy drinking, heavy snacking and heavy women.

I’ll leave it at that for now. Our new album, Chug of War comes out Tuesday and the tour kicks off Thursday at the M Room in Philadelphia.

Until then I’ll be sitting at my computer with my guitar, watching the mountain of beer cans and cigarette butts grow around me. Stay awesome, kids.  See you on the road!

“Chug of War Vol. 2” tour dates:

11/14: Philadelphia, PA @ The M Room
11/15: Richmond, VA @ The Compound
11/16: Chesapeake, VA @ Rodger’s Sports Pub
11/17: Raleigh, NC @ Slim’s
11/18: Nashville, TN @ TBA
11/19: Columbus, OH @ The Shrunken Head
11/20: Chicago, IL @ Cobra Lounge
11/21: Akron, OH @ Annabelle’s Lounge
11/22: Erie, PA @ The Beer Mug
11/23: Asbury Park, NJ @ The Saint

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