Hatebreed Are Recording! Hatebreed Are Recording!


It’s true. Get…psyched?

Connecticut’s own kings of metal-imbued hardcore Hatebreed have entered a recording studio with a guy so awesome, he has my name: producer Chris “Zeuss” Harris.

The band are now, as we speak, recording a new album for a late 2012 release. And I’m sure it will contain a ton of breakdowns and lyrics filled with words of inspiration and perseverance.

Jamey Jasta recently told “Maximum Threshold” that Hatebreed are done experimenting.

“A lot of people really liked that [last] record and it did gain us a lot of new fans, but on this record, with the 10-year anniversary of [Hatebreed’s 2002 album] Perseverance and with [guitarist] Wayne [Lozinak] being back in the band — this will be his second record with us — it’s just fun to kind of keep with the old-school influences,” says Jasta.

“I hear more Cro-Mags and Killing Time and Sheer Terror and Obituary and Bolt Thrower and Slayer and Entombed and those kind of ’80s and ’90s influences in there,” he says. “Which is fun for us, because we emulate the bands that we love. We try to make it our own sound and make it our own style, but at the end of the day, we’re just fans of those styles of bands.”

It could be good, I guess. I haven’t been excited about a Hatebreed record since 2002, so, let’s see. I feel like Hatebreed need to just re-record and re-release Satisfaction Is The Death of Desire.

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